January 16, 2016

5 Tips for Using Tarot Cards.

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Ever since I was five years old, I was obsessed with what I (as a child) referred to as “fortune telling.”

I wanted to have my cards read, I loved the idea of magic, and I wanted to know the future. In high school, I was a sucker for the five dollar reading on the Jersey Shore Boardwalk.

It seems like tarot cards are making quite an appearance lately—they are turning up more in the mainstream, which is awesome. I have been seeing people’s readings all over instagram and social media, with pictures of beautiful cards and messages. It is lovely to see!

There are so many gorgeous, different decks we can choose from, each seeming to have their own style and personality. But what’s the deal with these cards, and where do we get started?

Here are five tips to help start your journey, if you are new to using cards:

1. Pick a deck that speaks to you.

There is a huge variety of oracle cards out there right now. There are traditional tarot cards, goddess cards, angel cards, and my personal favorite—mermaid cards! Some have very intricate design work of the traditional tarot card art, and some are more angelic. It’s important that we connect with the artwork and style of the cards. We can hold a few different decks, look through them and see which ones that we can get lost in. Some people say it is bad luck to buy a deck for yourself and that someone else should buy them for you. I don’t necessarily believe that, but I do love knowing some of the various stories and traditions around the cards! Pick a deck that you really enjoy looking at—that feels special to you—and go from there.

2. Start out with simple readings.

A full tarot reading can consist of many cards, lined up in a certain specific way, and it can be intimidating for a new person. Not to mention it takes time, which we may not have in our morning routine, as we are making coffee, taking care of kiddos and trying to get out the door. However, we don’t need to make it complicated to benefit from the cards’ magic. We may pick just one card in the morning as part of our daily routine—for inspiration and guidance for the day. We might even carry that card around with us, as a reminder. We might pick a card before teaching a yoga class, for inspiration on a theme to share with our students. We may just pick a few to meditate on personally. It doesn’t have to be too complex.

3. Don’t “Future Trip.”

Try to not to get too caught up in knowing the future. The cards can tell us a lot about our present situation, things we may be feeling subconsciously or something we might be missing out on. They can inspire and guide us—or ask us to dive deeper into ourselves when dealing with a current problem. But asking a “yes-or-no” question about the future is not the best way to use them. I like to say things like like: “What should I know about…” or “Please guide me today…” before I draw a card.

4. Treat your cards with love.

Remember that these cards help to connect us with our angels, spirit guides, the universe—or whatever you like to call it! This means we need to take good care of our cards. Keep them in a safe place—be mindful about who uses them.  Before I do a reading, I always say, “May only the highest energy of light and love be in these cards. All other energies must leave now.” This is a blessing I learned in Reiki training, that speaks to me, but you can of course clear them however you like. You can use sage for smudging, say your own blessing or meditate. You may want to have some of your favorite crystals nearby or light a candle to set the tone for your reading. It’s totally up to you how you do it, but make the relationship with the cards meaningful and full of love. You may even want to express gratitude for the guidance or reading, after you are done.

5. Have fun!

Don’t over think it! Spirituality is not just for the “experts” or someone who is “psychic.” Ultimately, we are all intuitive and powerful beings. Anyone can enjoy using cards as a spiritual tool. If you don’t understand a card that you drew, you can always draw another asking for more clarification. Have a playful spirit and open mind when using them.

Of course as time goes on, you may go deeper into your understanding with the cards and the traditions around them. Some people even say the direction of the card—whether it is up or down—when you draw it, means something. You may want to get a professional reading from someone who specializes in using these awesome tools.

But until then—have fun! Enjoy them at your own pace and in your own style.



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Author: Logan Kinney

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Author’s own.

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