January 18, 2016

A Fool & His Goals Are Soon Parted: The Real Reason Resolutions Fail.


Perhaps you know the proverb: A fool and his gold are soon parted.

And, perhaps you’ve also heard the countless stories of lottery winners who win millions only to lose it all in a short time.

What the proverb and these real life examples illustrate is that if we are not the kind of person who has the capacity to have and to hold money, then money departs from us.

It’s a question of our consciousness.

Our consciousness is the container that holds the contents of our life. And so, we can apply this same proverb to all areas of our life.

We can say for example, “A fool and his goals are soon parted.”

If we don’t have the wisdom, the container, to have and to hold the goals we say we want to reach, then those goals are going to run right through our fingers like spilled milk.

We won’t “reach” them. But, even this way of looking at it is already lacking consciousness. For, it’s not a question of striving to arrive at some destination out there or over there.

It’s a question of our capacity to make space for the goal to exist right here and right now.

Without consciousness, trying to reach a goal is the exhausting, frustrating task of trying to roll a big stone up a hill.

But, the only reason we are pushing and shoving so much in a vain attempt to “reach” our goal in the first place is because we lack consciousness.

Isn’t it foolish to try to whip ourselves into shape, slave-drive ourselves, deplete our health and wellbeing, and make ourselves miserable just to reach a goal?

It’s pretty foolish. And, it reflects a foolishness that is the exact opposite of consciousness.

It means that our attempt to reach our goals is a fool’s errand from the start.

And, it’s why New Year’s resolutions fail. (And, why many of us stop setting New Year’s resolutions in the first place.)

The external goals themselves may be inspiring, exciting and stimulating: lose weight, get in shape, make more money, start a business.

But, if we don’t have the capacity to hold the contents of our goals within our own consciousness then no matter what disciplined action we may take, we won’t have the container within ourselves to hold those goals.

For, without consciousness, we are just struggling against ourselves, like trying to fight our way out of a net that binds us.

To “reach” our goals, we must develop ourselves internally to have the capacity to hold those external goals within ourselves. This truth is often referred to as the Law of Attraction.

It’s a question of our conscious capacity as human beings, our ability to fill up our cup with what we want to attract.

And so, to realize our goals means we must grow ourselves into the kind of person who has the conscious capacity for our goals.

It means expanding our consciousness so that we can make space for the goals inside our reality.

And that often means peeling back and removing the layers of self-limiting beliefs about who we are and what we are capable of.

It means removing our blinders, our judgments and our self-doubts so that we can see our own true radiance.

For, when we see our original face before it was caked with layers of social conditioning and life experience, then we are seeing ourselves with true wisdom.

It’s often called a spiritual journey to find this inner-clarity and inner-peace, but it’s really a human journey. It’s the journey of our conscious life.

And, if you want to reach your goals in life, this year and every year, then I invite you to focus your attention on releasing your self-limiting beliefs so that you can expand your consciousness of who you really are.

Then, you expand your capacity to have and to hold whatever you want in life.



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Author: Alexander Dunlop

Editor: Travis May

Image: mrhayata/Flickr

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