January 27, 2016

A Man Worthy of Your Kiss.


Warning: A bit of naughty language below! 


“We should not give away a moment to anyone who does not deserve it.” ~ Deb Caletti

Don’t you dare wait by the phone for a measly text message from a man who has one foot out the door.

Don’t waste your precious days standing still with a selfish lover who gives just enough attention to string you along, who doesn’t even look into your beautiful eyes during dinner.

Don’t give every ounce of your caramel-dipped, magnificent heart to a man who doesn’t see your spark, who makes you feel invisible.

Know your worth. Know it like a fact, an unfettered truth, an unshakeable reality.

Know that your eyes hold the power of frothy turquoise seas—the sudden storminess, the gentle, lulling waves, the thundering, electric beauty, the cleansing, pure salty deliciousness—all of it.

Know that your skin holds the ancient rhythms of sacred rain dances, that your voice blooms with gardenia-scented, fire-singed secrets from spirit itself.

And your kiss, oh, your kiss—it can awaken dragons and make roarin’ hot pink dahlias blossom in the bone-chilling dead of winter.

And if you wanna fall in love, if your fierce heart is yearning for an equal, choose a man who is worthy of your kiss.

He won’t back down from a challenge. Challenges stir his soul to life; they enthrall him.

And that’s perfect, because you—sweet, wise, wild woman—are a delicious, complicated challenge.

You’re an ever-changing ball of beautiful, bouncing chaos, constantly digging deeper and breaking apart, always rebuilding and transforming.

And yes, this has scared the sh*t out of many men. But it won’t scare him.

To him, your flames are beautiful, and your unapologetic, electric wildness is like walking, breathing art.

To him, you are not too much. He’s hooked. He only ever wants more.

Choose a man who is worthy of your kiss.

He doesn’t play games, because he knows what he wants—

And he wants you.

It’s not a question or a flimsy hope strung on beads of pretty little wishes. It’s a fact, etched in raw, unshakeable truth.

And he will have no problem telling you that.

He won’t keep his feelings like shameful secrets locked shut and hidden in dark boxes, because he actually wants to be close to you.

He wants your relationship to flourish and deepen. He wants to drink in all your crunchy, honey-laced baklava-like layers daily, smacking his lips in pure, dripping peach nectar pleasure.

He wants to look straight into your eyes and challenge you.

Choose a man who is worthy of your kiss.

Because when his lips touch yours, you will feel the sublime, soulful difference.

His kisses aren’t greedy to get access to your luscious body, no—his kisses have wings. They travel deep inside to the core of your soul and honor you in the most wonderful way.

His kisses let loose the wild parts of you that you thought were locked up forever.

And when he touches you, he knows he’s touching a masterpiece.

His fingers are not careful, no—because you’re not made of fragile porcelain and lace, but they are respectful. Respectful of your needs. Your voice. Your fire. Your desires.

Choose a man who is worthy of your kiss.

He won’t run when things get intense, when storms blossom behind your eyes,

He will step closer.

He will step into the rain and hold your hand during the muddy, tear-stained breaking and cracking and putting back together of your messy, chaotic pieces.

Choose a man worthy of your kiss.

He’s not perfect; he’s not superman, but he’s real.

And he doesn’t want a quiet, cute, domesticated, well-behaved little kitten—he wants you.

The real you.

The roaring, wild, messy you that spits fire and cries waterfalls and gets sh*t done.

The you that stands proudly in the crackling lightning bolts of her truth and stares inner demons straight in the face.

The you that rips her heart open and spills her stormy darkness into the streets

The you that’s boldly living her purpose.

He wants you.

Don’t you dare dim down your light to please any man.

Don’t shrink your expansive, hungry spirit so a sh*tty, half-hearted relationship can survive.

Know your worth.

Know it like a fact, an unfettered truth, an unshakeable reality.

Honor your soul. Fan your flames. Love yourself more, more, more—

And if you wanna fall in love, if your heart is yearning for an equal, know that there is a man out there who will gladly cherish every damaged cell and fierce, beautiful piece of your juicy heart and soul.

But you’ll never find him, if you’re not being you.

So be all of you.

Every delicious ounce.

Don’t you dare accept anything less.


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Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Toby Israel

Image: Felix Russel-Saw/Unsplash


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