January 8, 2016

An Open Letter to the Warriors of Light & Love: This is our Calling.

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I feel as though I am going crazy.

Have I gone mad, or has the world? I truly believe my fellow light-workers, I cannot be alone in this feeling.

Obama is a tyrant. Trump is the savior. Democrats don’t care about dead babies. Build a wall. Make a database. No Islam in school. America is Christian. More war. It’s Mexico’s fault.

My head wants to spin off my shoulders!

Avoid. Deny. Argue. Blame.

I am starting to wonder, Do I live in the same world as many of my fellows? Where is the love? Are we too far gone? Are our heads too buried in the sand to pull them out before the impending doom hits?

The questions I ponder have never been easy; they’ve never been light. The weight and the pain of the world seeps in around me as it always has, only now I am powerful enough to understand. Now I see that the pain is not mine, and I can heal what I can and send it back.

I can meet hatred with love. Blame with compassion. And intolerance with tolerance. I am a light-worker.

There is so much hate, blame, name-calling, blind following of insane ideas and outright ignorance. So much dense, heavy unconsciousness, it’s like quicksand.

I can feel it at times, trying to suck me in. Trying to drown me.

I watch, I observe, a silent bystander. Scratching my head, wondering, How on earth did we get here? Then I realize it doesn’t matter anymore; now it’s, What can we do about it?

We can wait patiently while our fellows awaken in their time. We can walk the talk. We are not powerless, and we do not have to live by their rules of hate, blame and ignorance. We can dictate our conditions of living to be present here and now, with love.

Sometimes I am not so silent. My emotions get the best of me and I speak up, I challenge an unconscious belief or thought with a new perspective. My loathing of ignorance is too great and I challenge someone to think for themselves. I get yelled at, insulted and put in a box that allows others to discount the point I am raising. It’s safer for them if they don’t consider a new perspective.

I was like that once. Closed-off, closed-minded, filled with blame, anger, bitterness and hate. Convinced I was powerless and convinced that if I cared about the world I would be overwhelmed. I only cared about myself, because my mind had my soul locked away inside. I was out of balance, like the collective is now.

This is why I know that there is hope for us yet. Humanity can awaken. Humanity can change. We can come back to our divine nature of love. But we must break free from the darkness and the mesmerizing sleep that keeps us trapped.

For me personally, it was heroin; for my dear America right now, it is chosen ignorance.

My friend Carmeline says evil is ignorance. How fitting. We are falling to evil—to ignorance. Hate comes from fear, which comes from lack of understanding. We gain understanding by communication and learning. Ignorance is the enemy of love, light and understanding.

We are so unbalanced, I fear the fall.

Ignorance is bliss. Not anymore. Ignorance will be bliss right up until the moment that our way of life, our humanity, is stolen from us. It will be bliss right up to our destruction.

Have we learned anything from the history of the world? It seems we are so fickle, and so forgetful, that we would put a modern-day Hitler into office willingly, just like the Germans did with the Nazis. How quickly we forget history when fear is present. All this while some point to Obama as the “tyrant” and place the blame on the Muslims and the Mexicans, the poor and the Syrians and anyone else who is a little bit different.

But different than what? I ask you. We claim these identities and these opinions, believing that they give us just that—an identity—because we are so scared to just be.

We must find our balance; we must let our spirit come out and quiet our mind.

Our minds have become the problem. Our solution lies in our spirit.

Like an underground river, it’s there flowing, just waiting for us to tap into it and find a place of balance—before the Earth has to do it for us. I have tapped into mine, and will swear by its power.

Individually and collectively, we must come together in the light.

Light-workers, we must light the way forward and help others to see. We must forge a new way of living through this darkness while our fellows sleep. I will not sit idly by. I will inspire and encourage thought and creativity. I will challenge ignorance and hate until my last breath.

Step forward with me now, into the darkness, into the void, so that we can say we did not sit silently by while darkness swallowed humanity.

Please comment below on how you stand against ignorance, hate and intolerance, so that we may inspire others to try new ways of living!


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Author: Lindsay Carricarte

Editor: Toby Israel

Image: Flickr/Hartwig HKD / Flickr/Hartwig HKD


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