And Now You Can Be Good. {Poem}

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“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” ~ John Steinbeck, East of Eden


Ahh, the collective exhale at the end of the year. It’s like we can all breathe a sigh of relief after “being perfect” all year long.

Perfect perfection.
I’ve always loved you.
But I’m slowly learning to let you go.

I’d rather be imperfect,
so that I can exist in
the colorful spectrum
of chaotic contrast
exist within the
lines of
one perfect color.

I’d rather a wildfire
fuel my
free-spirited soul
than allow a
contained candle
melt my edges.

I’d rather be caressed
by both the light
and the dark
because constant “love and light”
is a bit
too bright
when sunshine
only makes up half
of our day
and our shadows
want to have
their say.

I’m no longer afraid
of you
because I can learn
from you
more than
the saccharine sweetness
that gets slapped in our face.

I’m an optimist…
a sunshine and rainbow-loving idealist.
But optimism
isn’t about only seeing one side.

It’s about dancing
on the dark side
of the moon
so that we can
taste nirvana
coming undone.

The real thing
exists in every extreme
of our humanity.

So let’s take the facade
out of our essence
to connect better
to our human presence.

Maybe then
the world
will be good.






Author: Jessica Ann

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Author’s own



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About Jessica Ann

Jessica Ann is a professional writer, adventurer, and yoga teacher. She loves crossing paths with other creative business owners, exploring connection, and embodying conscious play. Her current research focuses on how creativity and consciousness help humanity evolve. Her philosophy is simple: Listen. Explore. Evolve.

You can find her on Instagram and Twitter. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, and The Content Marketing Institute.”

Her new book will be available on Amazon later this month.


4 Responses to “And Now You Can Be Good. {Poem}”

  1. Mandi says:

    I loved this! So much truth and wisdom. Thank you.

  2. lovekamana says:

    such beautiful words..had to share it on my blog <3

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