January 9, 2016

Are You an Old Soul? {Includes Test}


The world consists of a variety of people and each one is at a different stage of soul evolution.

An old soul is someone whose energy has reincarnated many times over and this means that they have experienced many lifetimes here on Earth—maybe some that weren’t even human.

Old souls are easy to recognize, often by a certain look in their eyes, as it appears as though they can see straight through you. They are also identified by how they view the world in a way that is vastly different to how the majority of other people perceive it.

Although we use the term “old souls,” the concept has no relation to the number of years the soul has existed for. Time is not linear to a soul and the concept of old souls is associated with life-experience, reincarnation and also the amount of karmic clearing that has taken place, rather than the amount of time spent on Earth.  

From a young age old souls are wise beyond their years. They are noticeably advanced with their achievements and say things that would usually be spoken by someone far beyond their chronological age. They approach the world through old eyes and as though they have experienced similar life cycles before and seem to innately know things that others struggle to comprehend.

They are able to see, with ease, into the future and this is one of the reasons that they place trust in their intuition and use it as a faithful tool to guide them. They are aware that each decision they make creates an alternative picture of their overall life, so they will swap direction and make necessary changes without regret, knowing that ultimately their choices are shaping their eventual destination.

Due to their eternal unrest old souls are seekers who are on an adventure fueled with intrigue, inquisition, curiosity and self-exploration, rather than one that rewards hierarchies, social statuses or financial achievements. Their mind is constantly searching for answers and theorizing, scrutinizing and philosophizing.

Old souls are not necessarily intellectuals, even though many of them do obtain many qualifications due to their quest for knowledge. It is more common for old souls to self-educate and find the route to their own version of success rather than gaining their education from formal organisations. They are not ones for authority or regulation and whether they study or not, they are brimming with wisdom and knowledge that derives from lives fully lived.

Success to an old soul begins and ends with soul nourishment and anything else that results is simply a by-product and holds little value in comparison to personal growth and fulfillment. 

Old souls are emotionally and psychologically intelligent as well as being truth seers and their search for authenticity leads them to cut straight through the majority of the illusions that mask the true state of reality.

Due to their ability to see the world with clarity, rather than through a rose coloured bubble, they can become ostracised in society as others might believe their views and opinions to be pessimistic and cynical rather than seeing the old soul as awake, aware and realistic.

They do not need to be taught what is right from wrong, and although they can be rebellious, they inherently know how to behave and have high morals and ethics. However, they choose to live by their own rules rather than the written or unwritten ones that society demands.

The comfort of their home is their haven, and is the place that old souls are usually found curled up reading a mind-challenging book or classic literature in front of an open fire. These individuals are not dazzled by things that glitter, so they do not have the desire to compete or to submerge themselves in materialistic possessions, grandiose declarations or superficial surroundings.

Alone time is immensely important for an old soul as they are deep thinkers and find great pleasure in sifting through their mind so they can evoke the accumulation of historic memories that have been stored throughout their lifetimes. Although, they are at peace while on their own, they never consider themselves as being lonely as they have a profound understanding of oneness, so they constantly feel an intense connection to everything that exists or has previously existed on earth.

Rather than experiencing loneliness old souls associate their introversion with solitude as it allows them the space and time to delve into introspection so they can decode the meaning of their life and also a great understanding of the world.

Old souls sometimes struggle, feeling isolated and alien-like while in the company of others who cannot or will not try to relate or resonate with their experiences. They are almost otherworldly and can feel out of sync, often believing as though they exist in an alternative dimension. 

They may feel like the “black sheep” in their family or the “lone wolves” of society. Other people find it difficult to understand their behavior or the way they feel and experience the world.

Old souls can seem old-fashioned to many as they appreciate sentimental offerings and cherish the simpler things in life. Whether it be a hot tea in their favourite mug, a walk along cliff tops with friends, vintage framed photograph of a grandparent, a hand knitted sweater or choosing to pen a romantic letter to a loved one, old souls enjoy close connections to things that are precious to them or that are reminders of days gone by.

Friends and relationships are not sought out by old souls, although, if they do establish bonds with people it is with those who they have a strong spiritual connection and they will likely keep these people close to their heart and treasure them for numerous life times.

Old souls are not the outrageous, extroverted types who are the life of parties. Instead, they prefer to sit quietly and casually in the fringes where they can either observe human behaviour or converse with others about philosophy, literature or the intrinsic wiring of the mind. People are drawn to them as they have incredible listening skills and part of the reason for this is that they understand that when they pay attention and remain silent, they receive a unique opportunity to learn.

They are open minded, accepting and empathetic, so instead of condemning anyone, they look at the root cause of actions so they can understand why someone is behaving in a specific way. Compassion and forgiveness is offered, even if the old soul has been treated badly or hurt throughout the process.

Self-worth can be a difficult thing for old-souls to achieve as they do not look to other people to validate their character, neither do they seek ego-boosting compliments or endorsements. They question their identity and scrutinize their core traits. It can take them a long time to feel comfortable in their own skin, though that is mainly due to the fact that they are unlike those around them. When they do find self-acceptance they are thick-skinned and resilient souls and nothing and no-one will sway or break them.

Old souls are often described to be in their latter stages of evolvement. They are believed to have cleared much of their karmic debt and have learned many tough, arduous and excruciatingly painful lessons along their way, although this lifetime they are not attracted to drama or conflict and instead they are magnetized towards peace, harmony and balance.

They often seem as though they are born before their time as their ideologies, beliefs, inventions, artistic expression, thoughts and unconventional lifestyles can all make them feel as though they are out of touch with their own generation. Old souls are often misunderstood, misinterpreted and misplaced in society as they have unorthodox characters which can seem eccentric, perplexing and bewildering to most.

Nevertheless, they are valuable and precious fountains of wisdom that are of immeasurable benefit to the world. Old souls are the free spirits, game changers, creators, charismatic leaders, curious beings, philosophers, truth seekers, peacekeepers, warriors with tender hearts, wild imaginations and those with gentle but unbreakable spirits.

Old souls are the ones who live quietly and discreetly, often as recluses, outside society’s safely sealed box. 

It can take a little time to get to know and understand these old souls that have journeyed barefoot on this planet many times over. However, if they choose to unravel and reveal their magnificent eternal spirit, they will realize their true purpose here on earth and that is perfectly attuned to the order of the divine. Their existence here on Earth in this exact era is for a higher purpose not only for themselves but to share the knowledge and wisdom they have accumulated so that it benefits and enhances the life of all living things.

Try the quiz below if the above aligns with your traits and characteristics, or pass it on to someone you think may be an old soul.

Loner Wolf Old Soul Test  (This will take you outside of elephantjournal.com)



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