January 6, 2016

How to be a Goddess even when you Hate your Job.

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2016 is here, and we are ready to feel the air blowing through our hair as we coast into the New Year, ready to own our joy, and unleash our inner Goddess (or God) on all levels!

But, what do we do if some parts of our lives are not yet aligned with who we are meant to be, such as our day jobs?

We’ve all been there—slaving away at a job we hate, where we are not honored for who we are, where our empath abilities make us sponges for toxic coworker dynamics, where our strengths are looked at as weaknesses and where we get no time off from the mental drain of herd mentality or a berating boss.

Does it sound like I know what I’m talking about? That’s because I’ve been there!

Looking back, I have some great pointers for keeping our Goddess selves honored and alive, even if we’re at a job we hate. Some of them I practiced back in the day, and some of them I wish someone had told me when I was going through it.

Take regular bathroom breaks, especially when you don’t need to go to the bathroom.

This was one of my secrets for getting through a particular receptionist job that literally made me nauseated to get up every morning to go to. Even when I didn’t need to use it, I went to the bathroom, shut the door to my stall, and practiced some stretches, visualizations and Qi Gong exercises.

One favorite exercise involved bending at my waist, starting with the top of my head, going down vertebrae by vertebrae, with my knees slightly bent and letting the top part of my body flop over gently. I allowed my exhale to extend into the floor, and let go of all the tension that was building up in my neck and shoulders. Once I was comfortable there, and if I had enough room, I would gently, and slowly, sway from one foot to the other, breathing evenly.

Another thing you could do while in that bent position is wiggle your waist a little bit, so your arms and neck gently shake and release. After one to two minutes of your stretch, gently and slowly roll back up, vertebrae by vertebrae, until you are standing up.

Another lifesaver was a grounding breath exercise, where I put one hand over my heart, the other over my navel. Then I’d inhale for four counts, hold my breath for four counts, and exhale for eight counts, directing the exhale into my feet and into the ground. After repeating that grounding breath exercise two to three times, I was re-grounded in my energy and ready to get back to work!

Surround your desk with crystal allies.

Just because you may be at a stuffy job in your own personal cubicle doesn’t mean that you can’t surround yourself with some helpful, and effective woo! To make sure that any toxic energy directed at you by your coworkers or boss is deflected, place a black tourmaline at your desk. Black tourmaline is the premiere protective stone for deflecting negative energy and psychic attacks, and is also extremely grounding.

If the workplace negativity is strong, I recommend wearing a piece of black tourmaline as a pendant, earrings or bracelet. You can even place a small piece in your bra. The added benefit to having black tourmaline at your desk is that it blocks and absorbs electromagnetic pollution that computers and other business electronics may give off.

Another crystal ally I love is selenite, due to its effectiveness in clearing all blockages in the energy body and cleansing the aura. It has purification qualities and it activates the aspect of our nature that’s connected to our true spiritual feeling and path—which can be particularly useful if part of the reason you haven’t left your job is because you don’t know what your path holds!

To use selenite at your workplace, create a selenite grid in your office space. The way to do this is to take four small pieces of selenite, and put one of each in all four corners of your office. This creates a protective grid for yourself.

Practice protective visualizations before leaving your house, or before a difficult meeting.

Before even leaving your apartment or home, surround yourself with an egg of white light. This creates a protective energetic boundary that allows all higher vibrations (like love or joy) in, while keeping denser vibrations (like hate or anger) out. It only takes a couple of seconds to implement, and can last for a while.

The most effective way to make this a habit is to do it when you are doing something you regularly do, like brushing your teeth in the morning before heading out. You may need to refresh it later in the day, when your energy level starts to wane.

It’s also a great idea to refresh your egg of white light before entering a meeting with a difficult coworker or boss. If you expect it may be an intense interaction, cover your egg of white light with a layer of mirror. That way, whatever is directed at you will not be absorbed by you, and will reflect back to whomever has sent it.

In addition, another technique to use is to visualize a pink ball of light surrounding the person’s head, and wrapping around the person’s body. You will need to practice this particular technique more often to get quicker results. What will end up happening is that the person bound in pink may become easier to deal with, or will just be calmer. The reason this works is because pink is the color of love. This is another reason why when you are meditating, or practicing another form of mindfulness, surrounding yourself with pink helps you access your self-love more quickly!

What techniques help you own your Goddess energy at your day (or night) job?



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Author: Margarita Alcantara

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Gisela Giardino/Flickr

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