Just for the Moment. {Poem}

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Just for the moment…

Let go of the job title
Just for the moment
Let go of the societal role
Just for the moment
Let go of the yearning for the future
Just for the moment
Release any anchors to the past
Just for the moment
Allow the body to soften
Just for the moment
Allow the breath to be full
Just for the moment
Allow everything to be as it is

And allow all that is
Without judgment
Allow all that is
Without story or explanation

Just for the moment
Bask in the space beneath the masks
The part of you that simply cannot be defined

Feel the limitless of your potential
Experience the essence of your soul.



I’m Done With “Letting Go.”


Author: Alexa Torontow

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: via Karolina Gnat, used with permission

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About Alexa Torontow

Alexa Torontow is a naturopathic medical student, yoga teacher and writer in Canada. She's wildly passionate about preventative health, mindful movement and discovering daily tools that help us feel better and live better. Connect with Alexa on Facebook , Instagram , or through her Website.


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