January 10, 2016

Our Realities are Not the Same. {Poem}


The most hurtful words I have ever received—“You just don’t get it”.

But do you see how this is not possible?

That your it, is not my it.

That our realities

Are in fact not the same.

That my purpose is not your purpose—

My eyes don’t see the way your eyes see.

My ears receive different information

And your way

Is not my way

Your path

Is not right, nor wrong

But it’s yours

And not mine.

Our destinations may be the same,

So I sweetly ask

To refrain from using those words

On myself

On yourself

On your lover

On the fellow people

Of this planet that we share

And to remember

That your it, is not my it

My purpose is not your purpose

My eyes don’t see the way your eyes see.



She Will Rise Again. {Poem}


Author: Alexa Torontow

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Via Sebastion Kasza, used with permission.

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