January 8, 2016

Perceived Importance. {Poem}


I probably will never care
If your walls are lavender or june berry
If your counters are granite or quartz
And you’re redoing your kitchen
For the third time
because you’ve got the budget

And I don’t give a damn
how you style your hair
if it cost you 500 dollars
or if you bought another big-a** watch
for an equally ridiculous price

I’m looking for connection
opinions and profound thought
I’ll share my truth
and you
Give me discussion with depth—
Not of the the decorations in your life
Not the things that colour your walls
And paint your skin
Or the ornament on your wrist
It’s all the same
status seeking
But none of that will give status,
Only perceived importance

I admit I’ve paid into it
but as I grow older
I’d rather decorate my mind
With big words
And bigger ideas
And my exterior?
Avoid the fads
Just the same old chocolate brown hair
That I only cut once a year
And my home?
White walls
my amateur photographs
A collection of loved memories

I seek simplicity to the extravagant
Experiences instead of appearances
And for the complexity of my thoughts
To determine my status


Author: Kimberly Kostashuk

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Author’s Own


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