January 25, 2016

The Miracle of Yoga Asana. {Video}


Yoga asana has evolved over the years and continues to do so.

This either pisses people off (we’re not doing yoga anymore!), or it excites people (we’re free to express!).

Instead of wasting time focusing on what divides us in opinion, why not tap into what unites us? Because after all, isn’t that all yoga intends to be for us spiritual beings living in these wild human bodies?

Breath surely unites us. We all have it, we all feel it, and yoga helps us be aware of it, so we’re not robotically pacing through life. With one single cue of, “Focus on your inhale,” we suddenly enter a momentary miracle of presence that opens up the possibility to be in that moment forever.

Yoga gives us that choice every time we step on our mat.

Bodily sensation unites us. We all feel something when we practice and when we’re in our bodies—whether it be a simple seated posture or the most advanced inversion—that feeling means we’re in conversation with our bodies. In this bodily engagement, we build up our awareness of a specific physical sensation, where if practiced without judgement or expectation, we experience a state of yoga.

When we tap into this thread of connection—be it breath or body awareness—we immediately tap into each other. Age, gender, career, culture and geographical location aside, we become one beautiful collective.

The miracle of yoga asana is that with practice, we all reach this unified place of understanding and respect for the journey, given its emphasis on unbound-less patient principles rooted in love.



Author: Ayami Yamamichi

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Screenshot.

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Ayami Yamamichi

Ayami Yamamichi chose to courageously shift out of corporate work to one of creative, entrepreneurial freedom. Previously in project and change management as an Operations Manager, she is currently teaching yoga and meditation rooted in mindfulness. Aside from teaching studio and private classes, Ayami leads workshops/trainings/retreats, offers entrepreneurial business consulting and helps others realize their potential in creating a life fueled by purpose and passion. Ayami believes in the strength of Community and that life is more beautiful among collaborative connections and merging of vibrations. Don’t be surprised if when you first meet her, she asks you to sit down for conversation that immediately leads to ideas and exploration. Ayami also seizes any and every opportunity to share her exploration of mindful eating through plant based cooking in a way that inspires others to engage in a wholehearted, compassionate relationship with food. Her first book, Mindfully Clear, was released in August 2015.

Connect with her on her website.