January 15, 2016

The Words Unspoken. {Poem}


My desire is to encourage you not to hide your pain, but to cherish it as you would your happiness.

Some people spend their lives locking their feelings away, because they believe that showing pain is weakness. I have learned it takes strength to embrace our suffering. There is a certain kind of beauty in vulnerability—it is truth.

Tears are nourishing for one’s soul. Pain makes us humble. We strongly relate to one another and the source of our creation. When we keep our hurt inside, we risk turning into unpleasant beings, yet we find it easier to become unkind than be vulnerable. Why is that?

When we keep our pain locked inside, we deny a part of ourselves. We deny the truth. The truth is the only capable act of setting a soul free.

So today and every day, do not be afraid to say the words unspoken. Speak less, but say more. Set your soul free. There is light in each of us. Do not be afraid of your own.


The words unspoken can sometimes be the loudest of all.

As she sat there, those words echoed in her ears, boastfully claiming presence within her.
The wind was whispering a sweet melody to carry her in the journey she was taking.

She walked alone.
Alone she did not feel.

Sometimes loneliness can be the sweetest company of all.

Sometimes the thundering noise truly hides the quiet spirit that longs to break free of all chains, overcome each boundary.

Sometimes the kindest of us acts the bitterest.

Sometimes we build walls—not because we want to imprison our souls, but because we desperately need the world to offer a helping hand to us.

Sometimes we just hide our pain—some of us through a smile, some through a yell, some through a resting “I don’t give a damn” face. We die a little inside each time our agony is overlooked.

Sometimes we show the world our ugliest side, not because our beauty is lacking, but because we do not realize it is within us all.

Somewhere in the craziness of life, we forget the miraculous beings we are.

She sat there as all these thoughts raced through her mind.

As tears came upon her, she wanted to hide those thoughts once more—
But she couldn’t.

She decided to be strong
She let her pain show
She let her tears fall…



When Life Cracks our Hearts Open, this is what We Must Know. {Poem}


Author: Ersa Llakmani

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Photo4jenifer

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