January 20, 2016

Where Love Lives. {Poem}


Love does not disappear.

It does not leave when a person does.


Love lives in Saturday mornings doing dishes

and on Monday evenings on the bus home.


It’s there, a constant,

like the stars in the sky

even when we cannot see them.

It’s the black canvas on its own,

the darkness itself giving us space

where we see the universe before our eyes

holding all of the light together,

Creating a whole out of millions of

separate beings.


It does not weaken because of lost time

or because of time spent gaining experience.


Love lives in the past,

on unmade beds from the night before

and in futures where

it dances in kitchens

and screams in anger

and then in forgiveness.

Always forgiveness.


Love lives in friendship

and understanding

and patience and art

and all.




Love lives in the acceptance that

timing is not always on our side.


Love is appreciating right now,

appreciating distance and new faces.

Love is creating new spaces

in your heart and in your life.


Love is starting anew

with old hobbies

and old friends.

Love is finding fresh perspectives

on old dreams.


New words fill a heart

with each new glimpse of love.

And this life is just as long as it is short

but love lives where there is no end.


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Author: Carlene Kurdziel

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Flickr/Sweetie187


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