Who Are You? {Poem}

Via Jessie Wright
on Jan 30, 2016
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Quick, two words—no make it five.

Tell us what makes you alive?
Is it the chocolate cake you just ate?
Or the way you danced to Prince’s Raspberry Beret in between the bathroom and here?
Okay, I see it, now, make it seven words.

The elevator is getting to the third floor,
and I’d like a little more
about what makes your eyes burst with light.

What keeps you awake at night?

Yes, even more questions
because words are not concrete,
and your voice is fluid,
sexy and strong,

vulnerable in those      pauses,

so tell me the who
that makes you do

all this getting up in the morning,
all this marching ahead with the ache in your shoulders,
all this sparkle of hope.

What brings you alive?
Is it really the door,
and the third floor?
But I’ve punched the buttons for two more levels,
stay on,
ride with me;
let me see how raw and real you can go.

I promise that I won’t judge
the way you hesitate,
collecting the vowels and consonants into
an answer for me
as the door opens,
and you step
onto the next floor of your life

a little less uptight

and feeling a little more all right about being you.


Author: Jessie Wright

Editor: Toby Israel

Images: Danielle_Blue/Flickr // Dan Zen/Flickr


About Jessie Wright

Jessie Wright is an artist who grew up as a wild girl in the Sierra Nevada mountains. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from Goddard College. Jessie is available as a Creative-Guide-Soul-Seeker-Facilitator for those searching to deepen their writing experiences. Her art, poetry, and writing may be found at Be You Media. Connect with her via Facebook, Twitter, and enjoy her Instagram account (her favorite place to hang out in social media land).   P.S. You can find Jes's most recent poetry book here.


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