January 16, 2016

Who We Really Are: A Karmic Perspective.


*Warning: strong language.


I am not a feminist.

I am not a racist. Not an activist or a fascist.

I am not political, environmental, dysfunctional or hyper-sexual. I am not ADD, ODD or OCD. I am not sick or disabled. I am not Vegan or Pescatarian, not even Episcopalian.

I am neither American nor a Russian, not native or immigrant—in fact I am not any countryman at all.

I am not a Christian, Jew or a Muslim, not a Spiritualist, atheist or a witch. I am not rich, poor or somewhere in the unseen middle class. I am not a slut, a princess, a bitch or a crone.

I am no mother fucker.

I am not black. I am not white, nor any colour in-between. I am not gay, straight or bi—in fact, I am not a woman and I am not a man. I am absolutely not a victim, the oppressed or the disadvantaged. Neither am I the perpetrator, the criminal or the damned.

I am not to be defined.

I promise you I am not what you perceive me to be, and I hope I am not what I fear to become in your eyes.

I say this, in a deep refusal to be categorized, knowing that I am not these things and neither are you, for none of us may be contained by those who seek to name us, or the labels we too willingly put on like make-up, before we face the world.

It is not that we are meant to deny the unique characteristics which make me, me and you, you. In fact, it is the awareness that I was born an impossible intersection of attributes, qualities and histories which allows me to honour the extraordinary gift of my birth into the human experience. But what we so often miss is that we are above all, vibrational beings, ever so tenderly spending time in the world of form, and our soul purpose is transmutation, becoming, awakening to who we really are—what we have always been.

In this process we are asked not to weigh ourselves down with the clutter of nonsense others tell us, or attach to the safety we may find in a denomination, culture, club or trend. We are asked to wake up to the power of perspective: you are not a ball-breaker or an empowered businesswoman woman, nor are you a flake or an enlightened being. You are a rare truth which both includes and far supersedes these terms.

If we hold a karmic perspective, we have all lived every suffering, we have all enacted the roles of persecutor and victim, many times.

Considering such a view may help to soften the personal complaints we proclaim so loudly in this, our most recent lifetime.

The respected First Nations leader Dave Courchene told me years ago he believed that many formerly Indigenous souls are now incarnating in Caucasian bodies, and many formerly “white” souls are now incarnating in native bodies. in response to clear direction from his spirit guides, Dave began to hold naming ceremonies for all peoples, of all colours, despite the strong objections of the elders of his own tribe. If what Dave says is true, who then is the oppressor, and who the oppressed?

So I am not the Earth and I am not her star, not dry desert and not the ocean floor, because I am all of these and so much more. I am not animal, not human, not inanimate, nor am I without a soul. I am neither helpless nor am I in control. I am not ever a lost spirit and have nowhere dark to fall. I am not extra-terrestrial or metaphysical, not daemon or god.

I am not the one percent, nor the 99 percent, because I am the 100 percent—the All.

To paraphrase John Lennon—himself a man of many contradictions—imagine a world where there are no countries, no religion, no heaven and no hell. Imagine no borders, no blame, no retribution and no defence. Imagine complete ownership of all experiences within the self, a world so inclusive we have learned to recognize ourselves in every light, every shadow, every One.

As we lose the desire to define ourselves by our differences, by what we perceive as broken, limited or dangerous, we release the compulsion to remain embittered over all the ways we think we have been wronged, and instead begin again; here and now, pure and free, new and absolutely raw.

If I dare to be so sure of what I am not, it helps me recognize what I am: always and ultimately an aspect of an infinite source of absolute Love.

I am a constantly changing and evolving vibratory essence and I refuse to be labelled, or to label anyone else, ever again.

I am everything and I am nothing, and the sooner we awaken to this understanding, the sooner we may find our true selves and end the separation of blame, shame, fear and loss.

I am you, dear friend, and you are me.

There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.

And all we ever need, is Love.


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Author: AdiKanda

Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

Image: Christina L.F./ Flickr & Pixabay



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