Just When I Thought Trump & his Supporters Couldn’t Stun me any More, This.

Via Khara-Jade Warren
on Feb 25, 2016
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I’m technically far removed from this US presidential election.

I’m a South African living in Britain.

I’m no stranger to political villainy though—there’s enough to go around in Africa for sure. Don’t even get me started on the man at the top back home. One of the things I’ve come to love about Britain is the steadiness, the levelheadedness that prevails overall despite the heated debates that happen inside the House of Commons.

But across the Atlantic, things seem to have taken a worrying turn. At least from where we’re standing over here. And I feel more personally invested in this year’s US presidential election than ever before. I earn dollars now, I read the New York Times, watch the Daily Show, I speak to my colleagues living in Boulder, L.A., Miami…every day. My heart is becoming more and more entwined with this great nation and I find myself worrying deeply about it. Like a concerned mother watching her child stray into dangerous territory.

I’m not the only one. The look on the BBC presenters’ faces yesterday morning as they read the news of Trump’s victory in the Nevada caucuses said enough.

And today, this: “Nearly 20 percent of Mr. Trump’s voters disagreed with Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which freed slaves in the Southern states during the Civil War.”

I’m sorry, what?

Come on America. Are you serious? Surely you can’t be. The New York Times article highlighting this sad statistic shows how gays, Muslims and pretty much anyone it’s possible to discriminate against are subject to these extreme attitudes amongst Trump’s supporters. Intolerance abounds.

The thing is, we can sit around and worry and tut and bury our heads in the sand, or we can do something about it.

I can’t vote of course. I wish I could. But I can continue to cover this political race in my capacity as an elephant editor—unapologetically.

I don’t know all the ins and outs and this election, or of American politics as a whole. But I know that hatred and intolerance and aggression are not the answer.

I’m really hoping that a fellow writer’s husband is proved right when he says, “not to worry, not to be scared and not to watch mainstream media. Everything will be fine.”

Wake up, America, You can do better.

It was funny at first, but now it’s just crazy.



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Author: Khara-Jade Warren

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About Khara-Jade Warren

Khara-Jade Warren is a mom, writer, elephant journal editor and yoga teacher who believes in a straight-talking, no bull approach on the mat, on the page and in life. She was born and raised in South Africa and a big piece of her heart lives there. The rest of her lives in Oxford, UK, in a house full of equal parts love and chaos. You can connect with her on Facebook or Instagram.


12 Responses to “Just When I Thought Trump & his Supporters Couldn’t Stun me any More, This.”

  1. Danie Bethune says:

    I don’t like Trump and no conservative friends or family of mine do. That being said I don’t let anything the New York Times says worry me. They are extremely biased, and tend to manipulate headlines. Twenty percent? How did they find that statistic? Did they question 75-90 year old supporters? Was it exit polls in one state? While Trump scapegoats many groups, the press is having a field day demonizing all conservatives and lumping everyone, who is not on the left, with Trump. We are libertarians, we are independents and we are conservative and honestly most conservatives don’t like him. Many also will play the game and vote for him because they won’t vote for an expressed socialist. Yes, it is a crazy scene. Like a mad theater. I wish Rand Paul had stayed in a bit longer. He was my pick.

  2. geit says:

    clever trump card right ?

    to make sure the

    democrats win .

  3. David says:

    Thanks for your insights Danie. While there is no perfect candidate I too am shocked and disappointed thus far with the support Trump has gained. I consider myself a conservative and would not vote for him. It is a shame given the Republican field had such a diverse mix of candidates compared to the democrats. It is just as shocking that the democrats could not field a better selection of candidates. If Trump is the nominee I will be writing in my own candidate, most likely Ted Cruz.

  4. Amanda says:

    Danie Bethune, there were a few polls done. The exit poll in South Carolina was the most disturbing one and I believe that’s the one cited here.

  5. Janice Garner says:

    A lot of us normal people are also voting for Trump. We are tired of professional politicians, from where we stand, Obama is destroying America. You will not see us, or hear from us, we are the silent people, who make our voice known when we vote. Don’t believe everything the news media puts out.

  6. Paul M. says:

    Thanks so much for your observations. I have wondered whether people in other countries are paying any attention to the antics over here. I agree that a lot of what Mr. Trump says is alarming and disquieting, but we Americans can’t afford to marginalize the electorate that Mr. Trump is appealing to. Those are people with legitimate gripes, although in this case, their gripes are with the political party they have supported.

    That electorate is the heart and soul of what drives the economy of this country; the political base of the GOP are the hard-working, blue-collar working class, and they are seeing the American dream slipping away. Clearly, they aren’t sophisticated or they wouldn’t still be supporting a political party that has been the source of their current difficulties.

    Mr. Trump’s appeal is his willingness to offer them what they want to hear; simplistic answers to their problems. He won’t be elected President, but his constituency needs to have their concerns addressed or this country won’t thrive. The widening wealth gap must be corrected.



  7. Terri Stephens says:

    I live and work in South Carolina. Last week I was disgusted but unfortunately NOT surprised by Trump’s huge support in South Carolina. I was embarrassed and ashamed…as I am a ‘southerner’ born and raised most of my life. I moved to South Carolina from Colorado (Grand Junction). Its very difficult living in a state that obviously doesn’t see tolerance but something I feel only liberals see as important. I work in a very staunch Republican area of South Carolina. I am luck and very fortunate that I do have ‘some’ real friends that share my same beliefs and views about our nation and the state affairs we see our selves in. I was taught to show love, tolerance and support to people no matter their race, color or creed. I am extremely disheartened by what is transpiring and for the first time in my adult life, I am truly afraid for where our nation is heading. I hope deeply and truly that people will see the light. Trump is a toxic being who does not deserve to have the platform to speak in any form or fashion. He’s a bully in its most extreme form EVER! I have faith (I choose to) that some how, some way….people will start seeing Trump for who he is and what he is….poisonous!

  8. elephantjournal says:

    I think to "normal" people the Fox News idea that President Obama is "destroying America" is ridiculous. Seriously, it's ridiculous. I don't what news media you're consuming, but it's not based in reality. ~ Travis

  9. elephantjournal says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful and interesting comment, Paul. You make some good points. ~ Khara

  10. neil says:

    As Janice points out above, the silent majority is tired of seeing our military shrink, our money being given away to people who don't want to work, a growing debt ($18 trillion), giving into extremists who want to kill us, and most of all a crumbling infrastructure. They think Trump can turn it around.

  11. keith willcock says:

    Wow…all you fine mannered Conservatives are backing off now. I wonder why.? The beast was always lurking in the underbelly of the US psyche. Perhaps it was reflected with a little more class in your massacres in Viet Nam, your wanton rape of Iraq. the list is a long one. You abuses of power are many. But now The Donald has brought it out in the open. Shame on him! What will you do? Vote Hillary in, I guess. She’s a safe bet not to rock the boat and after all she has the right connections. I mean the ones needed to make sure no fundamental changes take place in a country which refuses to even consider a Supreme Court appointment from a black President

  12. Wow jumping "on it", she never mentioned Fox News! Just because she used the word "destroying". A lot of people ( normal or not) do feel things are not all that great with Obama. No need for two Ridiculous's. 😉