Love Just Is. {Poem}

heart, icy
Love has roots, love has wings.

Love is beyond logic, reason and things.
Love is silent, love is loud,
Love believes, love knows no doubt.

Love is shared laughter, love is shared tears,
Love is facing our deepest fears,
Love is romance, love is light,
Love supports and love will guide.

Love is freedom, love is trust,
Love is willing, love knows no “must”.
Love is together, love lives on alone,
Love does not require, love feels just like home.

Love is feeling, love is free.
Love is flowing like the sea,
Love is being, love is bliss.
Love is giving, love just is.

Love is stillness, love is applause,
Love is open hearts and doors,
Love is belief and the wish to receive
Love is care and the will to share.

Love is passion, love is tender,
Love is devotion, love is surrender,
Love speaks the truth and love forgives,
Love understands, `cause love just is.

Love is a dance, love is a song,
Love is comfort, love is strong.
Love is magic, love respects.
Love is shared dreams, and love accepts.

Love is feeling, love is free.
Love is flowing like the sea,
Love is being, love is bliss.
Love is giving, love just is.

Love is chemistry, love is an art,
Love is united although miles apart.
Love is shared joy, love is shared sorrow,
Love is yesterday, now and tomorrow.

Love is vibration, love is appreciation.
Love is a mystery, love is a mastery.
Love is anywhere, and love is for anyone,
Love is the connection of two souls in one.

Love is simply embracing all there is, 
because love—just is.


Author: Lilian Güntsche

Editor: Sara Kärpänen

Photo: Lara Danielle / Flickr

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Lilian Güntsche

Lilian Güntsche, media economist and digital strategist, is a mindful workaholic and life artist. She has been successfully self-employed for several years and recently started an initiative for mindfulness in the technology age, called The Dignified Self. In her podcast series of The Dignified Self (see blog) she regularly interviews inspirational people on the topics of technology and mindfulness. Lilian is also engaged as a singer, songwriter, speaker and author. Her book on mindfulness in the accelerating and technology-driven world with valuable hands-on tips for business and private life will be released in Germany this year. Lilian lives in Berlin, is 35 years old and loves music, traveling, Yoga, words and meaningful conversation. Her motto is: “Create a life, you do not need a vacation from.”