February 29, 2016

Our Earth: An Alien’s Perspective.

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If I was an alien, looking down on our planet from light-years away I’d be fascinated.

I’d observe insanity in its purest form and I’d witness the eternal truth coming to light.

Beings striving to be more, have more, do more, live more, without realizing they already have it all.

I’d see this external chase cause endless suffering in a race that’s largely asleep, unaware of the internal power they possess—the power to be.

I’d see the ability of love to heal and the ability of ambition to destroy. I’d see war as a means to possess. I’d see peacemakers making an attempt to reconnect.

I’d see destruction as a result of disconnection—a fracture in a universal truth: that every thing is part of a whole, an incomprehensible union. We—you, me, it, that—are all one. I’d see balance and imbalance. I’d long for a resistance to hate and a return to love.

I’d watch these beings turn their suffering inwards, feeling deep hate for their bodies—their vessels—as if each limb and muscle were not perfect as it were, a mere casing to transport their spirits.

I’d watch those who seemingly have it all suffer the most, attached like the roots of an ancient oak tree to the external world, to the fruitless chase, to the belief that it is all out there.

I’d watch those who seemingly have nothing find immense peace in their hearts. I’d watch those connected to the ebbs and flows of human living, without attachment, without judgment, without pain, those joined to the belief that it is all in here.

I’d witness present spiritual healers, thinkers, doers and believers begin to awaken their brothers and sisters from a deep sleep.

I’d witness ego-driven leaders, politicians and personalities hold onto identification with separateness as if it were the air they breathe.

And I’d see the energy in it all. I’d see the necessity of the history of violence and the efforts towards peace. I’d see balance where it is needed and excess as a means for getting there.

I’d step back and observe without judgment, without labeling, without thought.

If I was an alien, watching our planet from light-years away, I’d observe with my being, understanding and loving all.

If I was an alien, observing the human race while I sat amongst the stars, I’d see endless possibility, infinite potentiality. I’d open my energetic center to these beings and allow my love to fill up all who call this place home.

But I’m not alien watching our planet from hundreds of millions of miles away. I’m one of you, of us, of them.

With eyes wide open and a full heart, I can love and observe our world in the same way, outside of myself, my ego and my external beliefs.

And so can you. We can and we need to wake up now.


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Author: Eryl McCaffrey

Apprentice Editor: Terry Price/ Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

Images: Courtesy of the author


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