February 18, 2016

Phoenix Heart Tales. {Poem}


As I was going through my divorce last year, I made the decision to get a tattoo that would serve as a talisman for my future.

I chose a phoenix to symbolize the cycle of pain and rebirth that I had experienced—both in my divorce and at earlier times in my life. The phoenix reminds me of everything I have overcome and my ability to overcome whatever obstacles I will have to face in the future. It gives me courage and helps me to continue to open my heart even when being vulnerable causes me a great deal of pain.

I wrote the following poem when I was going through this process, and I hope it brings hope to others.

Phoenix Heart Tales

Steadfast heart
This world is not for you
It turns and changes
Nothing seen is true
Your heart is built
Of galaxies and night
This earth can’t see you
It’s burning up your light
Steadfast heart
This earth is set to turning
And you, you are unmoved
But for the fire in you burning
Out of your eyes
And on your skin
This world breathes out
And you breathe in
To smoke, to flames
The fire rush
Consumed to ash
The skies have hushed
Steadfast heart
Never mourn
To smoke, to flames
You are reborn.
Steadfast heart
Don’t fear the fall
You may burn out
Or have it all
You’re fueled by more
Than day and night
Thoughts to dreams
Your heart in flight
Sail through the stars
Leave Earth below
You’re more, much more,
Than Earth can know.
So strike the match
And let it go
Flames burning bright
To all below
Steadfast heart
Trust the fall
Reborn again
You’ll have it all.


Author: Crystal Jackson

Editor: Katarina Tavčar

Photo: Nyarlotep/Deviantart

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