February 10, 2016

Take My Love. {Poem}

Hamed Al-Raisi/Flickr

Here I am.
You can have all of me.

You can have my body to explore,
each curve and contour welcomes you,
my chin tilts towards you
and I’m given over before your lips even meet mine.
You can have my mind,
ask me to think a little more deeply,
ask me to define what I know
and challenge me to know more.
My thoughts are a reflection of my heart
and you can have that too.
Be gentle with it,
you’ve broken it before and it is hesitant in your hands
yet more comfortable there than anywhere.
It trusts you and it wants you to accept it.
Take it and every truth it contains,
the most potent offering of myself.

My Self.
You can have my spirit.
You can lace your prayers with it
and marvel at how ours have been meant to meet.
Exquisite, isn’t it?
That something you cannot touch 
has gripped you in this way—
questioning letting go.

You can have all of me,
body, mind, heart, soul.
Not to possess but to collect
in harmony with your own being,
so that the two might sweetly rearrange as one.
Fed and provoked,
trusted and content.

Take me as I am and come as you are.
Every parcel of you is worth receiving,
and I will love all of it.


Author: Tiffany Anderson

Editor: Katarina Tavčar

Photo: Hamed Al-Raisi/Flickr

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