February 19, 2016

The Bleeding Underbelly of Love and Light. {Poem}

woman light

I’ve got somethin’ to say
It may go down a little harsh

A little too ragged; too raw
No, actually, scratch that—

Let me hear your story of love and light
Yes, again and again and again
Tell me more how you’re blessed with the Sight

You pose so well in that picture
Those gemstones really bring out your eyes
Those mudras, oh they make you look so poised

What culture is that outfit from?
Your white skin makes it so much more
Did you know?

Oh, wise one
Please, give me more
Love, light, peace, unity
Such an easy pill to whore
Easier for me to swallow
Drink up, take down

Or did I just gag a little?
Just a little
Ssshh… we’ll call it a cough
A weak, mild hiccup

To your peace
Your purity
Your Godly inner sanctuary

Oh wait,

Did darkness just become cool?
Is it sexy to have fire and some Pow-Wow oomph?
To disrupt, disturb, destroy?
Like, Kali, right?

Oh, you’re a Warrior now
Tell me more how you fight for those who suffer
Oh, just the animals
Mostly the pretty, exotic ones
Oh, okay

That’s cool
You look like a real fighter now
An advocate of truth
You give zero f*cks who you piss off
With your sweet and sugary cup of hot

Yeah, save them animals
We will rise for them and sit for the rest

Ugh, what’s up with all that race talk?
Aren’t those people over it yet?
Always pulling that ‘race card’
Can’t they see – we need more love and unity
Can’t they see
‘Cause it has to include me

Sh*t, is that reality seeping through my doorway?
It’s black and brown and thick in its discord.
Quick, send white light at it
Yeah, transmute that sh*t
Love and light, right?
Even our “spiritualized” Ego knows white is right

Get it out. Turn it off.
Change your thoughts, your reality
Peace, peace, peace
Think of me
I’m so happy and free

All is right; all is well
My suffering is mostly existential
I create it cause,
dang those past lives
That shit is so hard

What is your ancestral story?
Is that ancient royalty that bleeds through your veins?
Damn, no wonder you have so much to tell
You should write a story, no a book, start a movement!

Oh, you draw the line at your real ancestors?
The pilgrims, the colonialists,
Slave owners, takers and white assimilators

No, that’s not you
You’re an individual, not a part of that group
That blood somehow skipped your story
Lucky you

Guess it’s all good that you’re wearing their feathers
Their culture looks so good on you
It’s white, with just a touch of spice
Let me follow you, trailblazer

Taking, taking, still taking
But tell me more about
Love, light, equality
I like that bindi better on you; gurrrl that turban though
Doesn’t make me think of terrorists and illegal aliens
Cause your skin; your skin is oh so white

Yeah, those dreads are sweet
Looks nice in your blonde hair
Doesn’t make me want to shut you up, shoot you down, lock you in
Silence you in your despair

So nice that you get to skip right over that hate
That systematic discrimination
Dress up, dress down
What a satisfying convenience, hey?

Oh no, you’ve been judged?
It must be so hard trying to be yourself
Free and accepted
In someone else’s face

Must be hard when you chose your clothes
Trying to be different, unique
Take, take, take some more
What is your Identity when it lies so bare?

It’s okay, it’s alright
Cause you speak words of love and light
All that shining white, oh
It’s innocence not ignorance
So, tell me more,
You’re still basking in that spotlight

I need to step away from reality
I’ll come to you
Too much suffering for my tender heart
Let me sit with you
White picket fences on the right side of the block

Drinking crystal clear water
All that spiritualized talk
We preach no suffering
For my kids
We’ll spoon feed them entitlement
To all the Worlds gems

It’s safe here
So nice and fresh, here
Black tourmaline lined windows
Keep it out, keep it out; keep that darkness out!

I think I’m ready to tell the rest
About love and light and the ultimate test
Cause here, it’s all good baby.
Ain’t no discrimination in my house
Not where I can see it

Just gotta keep those doors locked
Windows barred
Only white light here
You know, good vibes
Pure vibes for ‘all’

But anyway,
How shall we end this?
I guess, just like the fad says,


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Author: Neelam Pannu

Assistant Editor: Ellie Cleary / Editor: Caitlin Oriel 

Image: Leon Seierlein/Unsplash

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