February 15, 2016

The Magical Time-Lapse Video of a Painter at Work. {Video}

Thijme Termaat's magic

Thijme Termaat is a contemporary artist who compares in skill and imagination to the likes of Salvador Dali.

The Dutch artist appears to have a magical touch in creating paintings in the style of Neo-Surrealism as shown in his short video called I Paint.

Termaat’s paintings will help us open our eyes to the transformative power of art, as shown in his time lapse video recorded over a period of two-and-a-half years.

Even though the art seems instantaneous, the video shows that the true meditation on the experience of art must involve a commitment to time.

In a way, his art appears to be an act of magic, as he “created” bubbles that burst into new paintings within the video.

His style is playful, and yet magical, as he simultaneously painted with both hands. An experience worth watching more than once!

It’s as if his paintbrushes are like magical wands bringing the imaginary spaces to life.

Take a peek!




Author: Jessie Wright

Editor: Travis May

Image: Video Still

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