February 15, 2016

The Taste of Love. {Poem}

Love bath

Love is opening the door,
as you wander in like a young cat
with tall tales and an everlasting hug.

Love is lingering in the lavender bath salt waters,
waiting for you to undress,
and join me.

Love is leaving the comfort
of waters,
of the lingering embrace, and
stepping into the light of day.

Love is being
poked by the thorns of a red rose bush
while smelling the sweet fragrance of a living beauty.

Love is as spicy as a chili coconut bar of dark chocolate,
so your mouth burns
even as you crave more.

Love is holding on and letting go in the same breath,
even if you don’t think that you can

Love is you listening to me,
hearing my words in my moments of uncertainty, and
not judging them.

Love is watching your eyes light up
as you chatter on-and-on
about the arc of light across the sky
or the politics of solar power.

Love is understanding
when I sneak into my spaces for writing, and
get lost for hours, or maybe
even days.

Love is foraging ahead despite the curvy paths.

Love is laughing,
indulging in a silly stupid nonsensical volley of jokes.

Love is forgiving,
for we don’t learn unless we make mistakes,
even the worst ones.

Love is chocolate and roses,
and grand gifts,
but it’s more.

Love is in the little things,
and the bigger ones:
dancing out-of-time across the bamboo floor.

Love is a smile,
simple and sweet.

Love is wanting you to stay,
but watching you go,
knowing that I am strong enough to be on my own.

Love is a kiss
with flakes of chili coconut dark chocolate
on your lips.



Author: Jessie Wright

Editor: Khara-Jade

Image:  VintageBlue/Pixabay 

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