February 9, 2016

What Courage Actually Looks Like.

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The words that we use are only as powerful as the personal definition that we give them.

When we geek out on the etymology, we see that the root of the word courage is “cor” meaning heart in latin.

Courage to me involves always bringing my heart, no matter how much it might hurt.

I consider courage to be better explained, and understood, through examples. Personal examples. Examples that allow us to feel what it means to be human.

Here are a few of my own.

Courage is letting another human see a part of me that I‘ve been afraid to share with others.

Courage is letting romantic intimacy into my life even when I know I might get my heart broken for the very first time.

Courage is  still loving myself even when I feel unlovable.

Courage is  realizing that I can’t do life alone and embracing others in this co-creative journey.

Courage is  saying I love you without ever knowing if I’ll hear it back.

What’s courage for you?

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Author: Joshua Barad

Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

Image: S Khan/ Flickr


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