February 17, 2016

When You Give Yourself Away, Remember This. {Poem}


When you do give yourself away,

you realize that there is really no such thing

as away from yourself.

True love will let you fall madly in love with that being

yet also more in love with parts

long forgotten in yourself.


When you do give yourself away,

do so slowly.

With meaning

and with purpose.

Patiently, because as with all things true

there is no rush.


No haste to soak up

the good parts of your time together

like a sponge.

Until another can pick it up

and wring out

all of its substance.

Because love does not spoil

and neither will you.


Pursue your life relentlessly

and carefully.

Lock up your secrets and wishes

inside your mind.

Imagine them, dream of them

and work tirelessly to see those ideas

come to life

in our own time.


Know your worth

and let it beam out from every line on your face;

every step taken with the confidence

that you have already made it.


Because you are beautiful

and filled with grace

and have a heart

that aches to have others

realize that these are the traits

which we all have in common.

You don’t have anything to prove

by rushing through everything.

Savor all your moments.


How sweet,

this patience.

Swallowing pride but bursting with ideas—with goodness

Knowing some things in life

need to have time to simmer down

to rid of the extra weight

before they are ready.


We are taught society’s idea of sensibilities

but are unable to be sensible,


with ourselves.


Once we have accepted these sensibilities,

the way we go about our every day:

Do we realize how beautiful it is

to live senselessly?


Madly in love with the fact

that this is our one go.

This is the only moment

to create our own piece of heaven

on this spinning rock.


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Author: Carlene Kurdziel

Editor: Caroline Beaton

Photo: Sara/Flickr

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