March 21, 2016

80-year-old Jane Goodall has goals: What’s your excuse?


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This message from Jane Goodall could change our planet, if only we’d listen.

I’ve always loved Dr. Jane Goodall—her sincerity, her fearlessness, her natural beauty, her courage, her unassuming wisdom.

She is a woman true to her own spirit, who has contributed so much to society without being concerned about adhering to social norms. Authenticity in its purest form.

In this five-minute video clip (an interview for the upcoming film Human), which captures her for just a few moments in time at age 80, Dr. Goodall says her job is “giving people hope.” And she’s very good at her job. She is able to quickly remind us of what is truly important in this life and goes on to list the three things she would do if she could create major change in the world. These three things alone could radically alter our world for the better.

“The biggest problem that we have, as environmental activists,” she says, “is to fight the power of money.”

Jane is so pure of heart and sincere.  She speaks of still having so much to do, of being desperate to reach more people to share hope and inspire, while knowing her time here is twilighting.

This interview is one small step toward that goal.

Author: Kristen Bagwill

Image: Youtube

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