A Poem about the Secret to Life.


Do you know the feeling when timing just sucks? And have you ever experienced the bliss of perfect timing—that wonderful moment when everything just seems to fit?

I once asked a very happy, elderly man about his secret to life.

His answer: “Life is about timing.“

This reply, as well as personal experiences with timing, have inspired me to write this poem.

Dear Timing,

Sometimes you’re too early
Sometimes you’re too late.
You provide us with joy,
and then close a gate.

You make things collide
You make the world move.
And only you heal,
of what you approve.

There are things that you see
that I’m yet to learn.
Oceans to cross
and wheels still to turn.

In life we develop,
on our journey we grow.
What is not yet revealed
You already know.

I am asking you timing,
Do you know my true self?
Do you keep all the answers
in my book on your shelf?

Am I on the right path
no more lost in the maze?
I know I am close now,
I can feel your embrace.

I’m here in the moment,
there is no further fight.
I’m no longer waiting,
Now the timing is right.


Never stop believing. Everything will come to you in exactly the right moment.


Author: Lilian Güntsche

Editor: Toby Israel

Image: Veri Ivanova/Unsplash


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Lilian Güntsche

Lilian Güntsche, media economist and digital strategist, is a mindful workaholic and life artist. She has been successfully self-employed for several years and recently started an initiative for mindfulness in the technology age, called The Dignified Self. In her podcast series of The Dignified Self (see blog) she regularly interviews inspirational people on the topics of technology and mindfulness. Lilian is also engaged as a singer, songwriter, speaker and author. Her book on mindfulness in the accelerating and technology-driven world with valuable hands-on tips for business and private life will be released in Germany this year. Lilian lives in Berlin, is 35 years old and loves music, traveling, Yoga, words and meaningful conversation. Her motto is: “Create a life, you do not need a vacation from.”