March 7, 2016

Adding these 3 Crystals to Meditation will Amplify your Chakra Work.


We can take meditation to the next level by incorporating crystals into our practice.

Doing this can amplify the vibrations, knowing and healing that meditation brings to us; it can deepen our practice, pushing us further into the realm of the collective consciousness. Months ago, I was seeking to deepen my practice and my personal healing. I prayed and asked for guidance.

The path was revealed to me in the form of a new job, surrounded by rocks, gems, crystals, herbs, plants, and many metaphysical tools. As I would walk into work, it was the best feeling in the world. The building radiates with the same vibration that I have tapped into in meditation, and I went from skeptic to believer.

It was the vibration I felt when visiting old, magical places on Earth. Places that resonate with energy, places like the Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, and Yosemite. Stonehenge. Cape Reinga. Nazca and Macchu Picchu. Places that when we are open and clear, we feel, and feel deeply. Feeling this energy at work showed me that these rocks and crystals—which are pieces of the Earth— do indeed carry Earth’s high vibrational and healing energies.

As a seeker, I naturally had to incorporate some into my practice. The profound effect inspired me to share this information, so other seekers may find what they are looking for, as I did. These treasures connect us deeply—to Earth and to higher realms of spirit and consciousness. They can amplify our chakra work, aiding in opening and balancing of the chakra system. If it’s all new, that’s okay, start where you are. You may find that you already know it deep within.

Get your crystals, smudge with sage to clear energies, then sit with them in meditative posture, charging them with your intention. Hold them, feel them, and send your vibration and intention into them. Now they are programmed for you. Meditate with them, wear them, carry them.

Start with three crystals—one for grounding, to resonate with the lower chakras (Muladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura). One for healing—to resonate with the Anahata (heart) chakra, and one for spiritual development—to resonate with the higher chakras (Vishuddha, AJna, Sahasrara). Whether we know it or not, it’s harmony and balance we seek, so this makes sense, right?

First, a quartz variety, as these are phenomenal for raising overall vibration, clearing space, and transmuting negative energies. My first was a clear quartz sphere, which holds the crystalline and prismatic beauty of our highest vibrations. It’s all beautiful, clear brilliance. Clear quartz in sphere form brings a smooth, even, cleansing vibration, and it’s gorgeous to gaze upon as a tool to help focus. I have since moved to Tibetan Quartz because as an empath, I am extremely sensitive to negative, dense energy and Tibetan quartz is a Master Healer stone—it heals the healer and transmutes negative energy. The quartz family strongly resonates with the higher chakras, so it amplifies any higher chakra work you may be doing. It’s a great starting crystal because of its overall healing nature.

Next, chrysoprase, to activate and heal the Anahata chakra. It’s healing vibrations aid in releasing old emotional wounds and traumas stored deep within the heart. Healing old wounds helps increase our emotional capacity in the present. As we heal our hearts, we find it easier to quiet our overactive minds. The more we heal and open our heart space, the clearer our soul purposes and higher voices become. When we come into a state of balance within, all of a sudden we find our minds quieting down. As we give the heart center its voice back, we find stillness.

Then, black obsidian, or hematite, for powerful grounding. Any stones that resonate with the lower chakras bring soothing, healing and grounding vibrations with them. As healers and empaths, we live in our higher chakras, so the grounding aspect of mediation practice is extremely important. The key is balance, and grounding is an important part of balance. Think of a tree—without strong, grounded roots, it will get blown away. We must ground in the Earth, and these stones can aid us with this.

Like any practice or holistic way of living, this isn’t a science. We must find what works for us individually, as we all have a unique energetic print, as well as a unique set of human experiences that we may be trying to let go of, heal from, work through, or come to terms with. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to approach meditation—there is only whatever works for you.

As mentioned, empaths and healers want to focus on healing and grounding themselves often. You may want added protection from the energies that seem to be waiting to assault you out in the world! For this, black tourmaline or Super 7 are amazing. Black tourmaline lives in my car, my purse, and my home.

Those dominated by their lower chakras often feel little or no spiritual connection, would benefit from clearing and opening their higher chakras. Those who meditate and intellectually believe in spirituality, yet struggle with feeling the connection, often have closed off higher chakras. (I lived here for half my life!) This is the job for amethyst—gorgeous, purple, healing amethyst. The Sahasrara chakra healer. There may be a reason those stunning purple geodes are calling to you. Banded amethyst is always with me.

Those blocked at the Anahata level, often feel no connection between the physical self and spiritual self. Anahata serves as a bridge, and when it’s blocked there is no flow. This is why heart healing is so powerful. It reopens the floodgates that may have been closed for a very long time. Rose quartz, green kyanite, and green apatite are wonderful heart healers.

There are  many crystals out there, for many purposes, and it can be overwhelming to understand where to start. This barely scratches the surface of the deep metaphysical world of crystal healing, yet I hope it may serve as a starting point for those who, like me, once scoffed at “meditating with rocks.” The “rocks” have amplified my practice.

I would love to answer personalized questions or inquiries for anyone looking to start a personalized practice using crystals in your chakra or meditation work! Comment below, or email me with questions!





Author: Lindsay Carricarte

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Flickr/Deepak Bhatia

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