March 21, 2016

Dive into the Chasm of Love. {Poem}

Ana Gabriel/ Unsplash

You opened in me a chasm

First ablaze with light

Reflection from the God I adore—


I knew not how deep I could dive into myself.

The limitless depth I discovered

Caused at once expansion and contraction.

Was I exuding the light,

Or simply refraction?


As time and its unmet expectations

Froze and thawed the natural flow,

The chasm grew deeper,

Narrowed, constricted.


Both yours and mine,

Of being swallowed, lost in the deep,

Vaulted us harshly back to the surface.

Blinded by externals, we lost sight of our purpose.


Tiptoe I go, down into the chasm.

With emotional ropes, physical halters, spiritual trampolines,

I find myself at the bottom, 


At the top.

Each extending a hand from our heart to the other.

“Jump!” we both shout,

One dives, one elevates—

In this exchange we scarcely relate.


The love we sustain

As we pass in the process

No longer buttresses the walls of the depth.

They’ve come crumbling


Closing the chasm, leaving just a crack.

When I peer deep down inside,

Seeing the bounty the chasm has sewn,

I step fully into my future—the eternal unknown.


Author: Carin Aichele

Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

Image: Ana Gabriel/ Unsplash


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Read 1 comment and reply

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