March 17, 2016

Is Louis C. K. a Buddhist? Hmmm. {Video}

louis ck

Have you ever really listened to Louis C. K.’s philosophy on life?

Although his writing is crude at times and appears a bit raunchy, he is one enlightened fellow.  He has used his comedic art to bring to the forefront many societal issues. He shows no restraint when discussing issues he is passionate about and often times leave us with a deeper understanding of what is truly important in our lives.  He jokes about people complaining on an airplane that the WiFi is down, yet they ignore the fact that they are flying in the air , traveling across the country in hours as opposed to years and we are taking that for granted.  He tells us to put our cellphones away. He encourages us to see beyond our “first world problems” and embrace what is occurring in the moment.  He doesn’t use the word, mindfulness, however, he conveys this throughout a lot of his routines.

(Naughty language ahead!)


Author: Corinne Milentijevic

Image:  David Shankbone/Flickr

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Read 2 comments and reply

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