March 30, 2016

Look Who’s Roaring Now. {Poems}

I grew up watching Sound of Music and I always loved the song, “My Favorite Things.”

I’ll bet you’re humming it right now, like I am. Remember the scene? There is a storm raging outside and the children, one by one, run to Maria’s room in fear of the lightning and thunder. She begins to sing about things that make them happy and soon the fear is gone.

Fear has a way of paralyzing us and it is often based on something that isn’t true. Standing in a dark room, I can be terrified of harm, even when nothing is there, because my mind conjures up images of danger in the empty space.

Truth, on the other hand, is a bright light that dispels the lies and shows me the reality of the situation. The problem is that lies are like advertising: they’re everywhere. I am are bombarded by them, but truth is sometimes harder to see. I may have to dig for it, but when found, is like a precious metal or beautiful gemstone and it shines within.

Here are a couple of poems that remind me of who I am when my mind, or the world, is trying to tell me differently.

House of Lies

I built a house of wood and straw
from trees of fear and fields of shame.
Each room the hollow echo of guilt
Sounding the empty, vapid lies
Kept inside, keeping me inside.
I find a book in a cupboard drawer
Filled with words like little matches,
They strike a chord in my soul;
A forgotten truth, a mighty kindle.
With the words, Your are loved,
A fire ignites deep within.
So bright the blaze I feel inside.
These walls to small to surround.
The time has come to burn it down.

Look Who’s Roaring Now

Oh fear. Why do I listen to you?
You hold me tighter than a rusted bolt.
Your crusted words cinch my heart
And freeze me from moving.

Paralyzed, I feel my life slipping past,
Unable to hang on,
Frozen in a moment meant to fade.
The stillness invades my soul.

Somewhere, in the darkness
I see a light, burning within.
It grows brighter inside
As you quickly try to douse it.

Yet you have no power over me,
Save the lies you tell, that hold me down:
Lies, lies, lies.

Fear is a toothless lion
Whose roar is loud
And breath intimidating
But who has no bite
And can only cover me
In the foul slobber of doubt.

Truth be told,
I have a voice:

So I wipe off the drool
That fear left behind
Stand on me feet
And yell with a voice of my own,
Drowning out the lies,
Filling my ears with truth,
Laying waste to the fear
And breaking free.
“I am glorious.”

Look who’s roaring now.





Author: Jim Wern

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Movie Still

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