March 10, 2016

Love isn’t Blind When You See with Your Heart.


I saw love—real love.

Yep, I caught a glimpse of pure unselfish love at its best. Not in a quiet moment when it thought no one was looking. Nope, I saw it in the midst of a whole lot of crazy goin’ on.

Yet it did not scream out for attention. It did not ask to be recognized. It did not waiver with uncertainty or recant that which it came to be. It simply showed up. It was present. It just was.

Love was there and I saw it.

On a crowded street in a bustling town center, I paused for a moment in a side alleyway. I’d like to tell you that it was to be immersed in the moment, to gulp in the fresh crisp air, to feel the warmth of sunlight on my face—but nope, I was checking my phone.

In the distance, something caught my eye. It was an older, visually impaired gentleman trying to cross the street amidst the chaos.

I could see his dark sunglasses and walking stick, but it appeared he somehow knew when the cars were coming. He would stop, then go…stop, then go.

As the crowd began to clear, I saw the head of a small white dog at the man’s left leg. He was definitely a mutt of some sort, with a funny gait. I thought all the bouncing around was because he was barking so much, but this feisty little companion was charging ahead with gusto to clear a path across the street for his owner. I watched in amazement. I had never before seen a dog so small lead a visually impaired person across a busy street, especially without a harness or leash.

They arrived safely on the other side and I saw them both in clear view. As the man reached down to pat his friend, I noticed that this little fur-angel only had three legs!

With tears in my eyes, I rummaged through my bag for a tissue. When I looked up, they were both gone, immersed in the hustle and bustle of a busy city during Labor Day weekend.

I’m not sure who else may have witnessed, and truly appreciated, the beautiful bond I was blessed to witness that afternoon. The experience still touches me and shows the true nature of animals—amazing, unselfish and full of unconditional love.

It can be easy to get caught up in the fast flow of life. But all it takes is a moment to slow down, observe and appreciate the love that is all around us. Imagine all the everyday experiences we miss with our quickened pace and focus glued to technology.

What if we chose to stay open to love on a regular basis? To be present and allow the beauty around us to unfold without expectation, without want—needing nothing, yet receiving tenfold. We may just find that we are quite satiated.

They say “love is blind,” but only to those who choose not to see with their hearts. For those of us who dare to call upon love, she will always answer; softly warming our soul with the promise of unforeseen delight.

When you open your eyes and look with your heart, will you see her?

Will you see Love?


Author: Kristin Robinson

Editor: Nicole Cameron

Image: Crew/Unsplash





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