March 23, 2016

Miraculous Healing: How it (Might) Happen & Why.

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Over the past two years, an unusual amount of ailments and deaths have befallen the wide circle of people I know—from suicide, to stroke, to brain aneurysm, to cancer, to tumors.

Some were people whom I’d known for only a brief stint in life, and others, since time immemorial.

The first major upset occurred in March of 2014 when a dear childhood friend—and later in life, my employer—had a sudden stroke, temporarily paralyzing the right side of his body and leaving him speechless. At the time, he was 31 years old and thank-the-heavens that his older brother, my roommate at the time and equally dear friend was there to call the paramedics and rush him to the hospital and promptly into surgery.

I was riding the rush of becoming self-employed, feeling large in life—I still vividly remember receiving the text his brother sent me. Suddenly beside myself and surely in a state of shock and disbelief, I hurried straight to the hospital.

Life just slammed on the breaks.

He was conscious and alert when I arrived to see him, his wife and brother there next to him, awaiting an emergency surgery. The only words I could muster were, “I love you,” and I can remember nothing more that was said.

Outside of the room, his brother informed me that the doctors had stated his prognosis as bleak, describing the low probability of surviving the impromptu brain surgery that was looming only minutes away.

Without hesitation I responded, “Don’t listen to them!” to gather his senses and strength in this time of need.

The two of us, being spiritual people, had shared countless discussions about matters of nondenominational faith in the past, and now it was time to put into practice our beliefs in the unknown mystery—that presence which pervades all of creation.

We aligned our senses to the sixth, understanding the power of suggestion and healing and that modern day medicine does not hold all of the answers or cures, nor the eternal key to all life.

As always and never-failing, my friend’s spirits were high as he lay in that machine-laden room on a cold hospital bed, I’m sure absolutely confused, scared sh*tless and disoriented.

(I found out later that his wife was told not to expect him to live through surgery.)

Countless thoughts flooded my mind—of fear and doubt; hope and faith; disbelief and denial. Everyone was in a state of shock and panic. His wife collapsed to the floor sobbing after he was admitted into surgery.

Everyone was dismayed. He was too young for something like this to happen. Defiance brewed in my heart and I refused to accept the doctor’s skepticism. So we prayed. I forget if we prayed together or aloud, but the entire time I was invoking everything I’d learned along the way that would otherwise prove unexplainable or miraculous.

I must note that in no way am I making any claims whatsoever that any of us played any more or less of a part in the outcome of this incident. This young man possesses more courage and bravery than probably any person I know. He is a strongly and passionately faithful person, and carries with him strong beliefs that have greatly influenced an untold number of people who’ve had the privilege of knowing him.

Through his wife’s father, I had met a healer about 10 years prior and so I called him, trembling, and asked him to help. He said, “We’ll work on him right away,” and assured me not to worry. My confidence in this man’s abilities is unwavering and I’ve witnessed the power of spontaneous healing first-hand.

Every faculty I could think of, I employed quietly—feeling deeply, an impenetrable force surrounding our brother, friend and loved one while he was facing his own life or death at the hands of modern-day medicine and faith (including his own personal choice and volition to live). A speedy surgery, due to a sudden drop in swelling in his brain, left the doctors optimistic—speaking now of hope instead of doubt.

Post-surgery, as far as I remember correctly, he was at the time the only post-op stroke patient who did not require a medically induced coma or a tracheotomy. He was deemed “The Miracle Patient” by dismayed doctors and nurses for days afterwards.

Relief and hope at long last. His family was there surrounding him with love and I cannot even put into words the impact this had on every individual there. Needless to say, that scary *ss day has come to pass and he is still with us. I can only imagine he is ever-thankful to be here with his family, his loved ones and all of his dear friends.


The paradox of faith, intention and spontaneous healing (often conveyed as miraculous) can also be associated to the placebo effect. Additionally, our electromagnetic field is scientifically measurable and quantum physics has demonstrated the ability to rectify illness, disease, amalgam poisoning and rapid bone growth from a fracture, as just a few examples among many. It’s also very effective at aiding in the recuperation of mental disease (chemical imbalances) like bipolar disorder.

This is by no means a cure-all, but I can personally attest to its effectiveness when my life was in shambles and pharmaceuticals were simply not an option (one I refused to entertain personally).

Quantum biofeedback is the instrument terminology devised around the principles of quantum physics, and it creates a feedback loop in our electromagnetic field when we attach electrodes to our feet, wrists and head—effectively communicating with thousands of parameters emanating within and around our body.

We are beyond the notion of pseudoscience…

Organic healing practices include Reiki, Theta healing and Qigong for example—relating to the Chinese term Chi, or in other words life-force energy that can be manipulated through the hands in conjunction with our intentions (including belief work and muscle testing); directing the flow of energy through our bodies and into the person receiving the work. Theta works on the (waking) Theta (REM; rapid eye movement) brain wave to further clarify where this is going.

Our bodies are bio-dynamic in nature. Energy flows to over one hundred energy centers (seven major chakras) and thousands of channels (nadis) throughout our bodies and illness stems from blockages or impedance to flow (rhythm; imagine how you might tune an instrument to sound just right). Maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit often times requires the practice of freeing these passage ways so that healing, often times instantaneous, can take place.

Remember, healing occurs first at the quantum level. All physical manifestation occurs second. I know of a man who stood from his wheel chair pain free after speaking to a healer for only a short period of time—he’d developed debilitating back pain that left him wheel-chair bound up to that point.

It’s all about frequency—frequency of thought, belief and directed intention hence the necessary brainwave activity and working from those states. Positive thoughts beget positive results, but it requires genuine conviction and a knowing or deep-seeded faith for these miracles to happen.

Let us never forget that sometimes fate plays its own hand and we are never the actual healer; we’re merely the conduit through which this prana (life-force energy) flows. It’s up to the individual whether they wish to stay or go at times of life or death and some healers are also acting as mediums (communicating with separate densities of light bodies) but that’s a story for another time. Note: we are a light body masquerading around in a chemical body.

The last piece of this equation is love—intense, soul-fired unconditional love. There is no greater force.

“Anyone who has literally prayed his way back from a deathbed will confirm that, once it attains a certain intensity, genuine prayer manifests as energy that surmounts all other factors opposing it.” ~ Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation by Noel Langley under the editorship of Hugh Lynn Cayce


Author: Thayne Ulschmid

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Yoel Ben-Avaraham/Flickr

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