March 18, 2016

Run Wild, My Barefooted Beasts. {Poem}


To all my barefooted beasts
Running around so wild, so free—

Don’t let the world change your crazy little dreams;
Never forget, you were put here to be unique.

Stay true, my barefooted beasts;
Stay wild, remain free.

Run wild, my barefooted beasts,
For you are the wildflowers of society—
Don’t let the ordinary world tell you who to be.

You are warm as the sunshine
You are mysterious as the moon
You are crashing like the riptide
You are unpredictable like the monsoon.

You are everything beautiful,
Everything extraordinary.

Stay wild, my barefooted beasts—
Howl and scamper, and be free.


Author: Emily Cutshaw

Editor: Toby Israel

Image: David Sorich/Flickr // geraldbrazell/Flickr


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