March 23, 2016

The Goddess. {Poem}

UD Misi/Flickr

The Goddess.

A woman’s intuition
Is inherant ancient wisdom
Passed down through millennia
And cultivated through many a
Brave and wise soul—
The ones who tuned into their being,
Fully realising and seeing
That they had a choice,
That they could listen to their inner voice
And live
Honestly and passionately.

These are our foremothers
Who listened to their heart
And made living their art,
Whether that made its mark in history
Or faded into the mystery;
Of time.
The essence was kept
And you can intercept
This plentiful resource
With as little fuss as a thought,
A gut feeling, an intentional healing,
A shedding of layers…
Close your eyes and meditate
Or whatever it may be that helps you gravitate
The source, of that which we can all relate.

She’s a goddess, this collective female consciousness,
A modest confidence.
You recognise her
Because you know her,
You are her
She who dances to the beat of her own heart,
Shuns comparisons,
Stands on the edge of faith
And takes the leap
Arms open, heart open
Willing to fly or soar
Or even hit the floor
Because it’s not about the flight itself, but the intention;
The creator’s mind behind the invention.

She might attract a man’s attention
But that’s not her main objective
Respect is.
Her femininity is sacred
It’s not about hatred
Of man
Or being the top dog
It’s like learning a dance or a song
Where you try to get along,
Not tread on any toes
Or crack in falsetto
Because where the energy flows
The positivity grows
And it’s infectious
Symptoms include being reckless
With gratitude
And a cheeky, can do attitude.

She can be a bad b*tch who won’t take no sh*t (when it’s warranted),
but still be the listener, the learner,
The vulnerable nurterer

We need to recognise the goddess
Within ourselves and every other girl
To break the cycle of fear and competitveness
Solidarity of a sisterhood that doesn’t need to aploigise
for their sensitivity
But turns it into creativity

Through this synchronicity
We increase the capability
Of masculine and feminine energies
Working in synergy
To create a world
We’re proud to live in.


Author: Abby Yael

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: UD Misi/Flickr

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Read 2 comments and reply

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