March 29, 2016

To my Sisters. {Poem}


To my sister

whose blood runs the same as mine.
Who has watched me starve
to be more honest
to my fearful heart,
and fed me full,
with your love.

Who has sang
out of car windows
about believing in love
and danced in kitchens
in homes across our lives.
Whose acceptance
has given me worth
and the freedom to be.

To my sisters
whose souls are made from the same stardust as mine.
Who have watched me thrive
as I am
and never competed
but empowered me
with their
unwavering love.

Who have sang in angst,
pulled the car over
to chant to the streams
and dance wildly under the moon.
Whose acceptance
has asked me to
be more.

To the sisters
I have not met
who inspire in their work,
in their light
and in their truth.
Who love themselves
and so love out—
I see you.

Who holler
out the windows of the world:
here I am!
Who move to the same
pulsing goddess beat.
Whom I pray accept
themselves as they are
and give permission
to be to their sisters

and their sisters,
and theirs.

We are one.

To the sisters
that we came from,
the mothers and grandmothers.
To Mother Earth,
lets us revel,
and dance
to the wisdom
and beauty,
the power
and grace,
the wildness in each of us
fertile and free.
Join hands with your men
grow stronger
grow in love.

To all women,
to all kind,
We are one.


Author: Tiffany Anderson

Editor: Caitlin Oriel

Image: Tim Marshall/Unsplash

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