March 6, 2016

To the Woman who Listens to the Hum of Her Intuition.


To the Woman who Listens to the Hum of Her Intuition

I celebrate you.

I celebrate this cosmic bond that we share.

I do feel how difficult it is to be surrounded by noise, to be in the middle of everything: the cries of our loved-ones that demand us to be there with them always, the roars of mainstream media that deafen our sense of self, and the crashes of our busy surroundings, from vehicles to people and machines.

I do feel your confusion when a dear one says, “This is what you have to do!” when you really want to do something else. I do feel your confusion when your passion gets tangled up with your compassion. You want to offer your heart to those you care for, but you also want let the compass of your soul spin freely.

I do feel your insecurity when you browse a website full of pretty girls. There’s this restless bird inside you that stops flapping the moment you see ideal faces and bodies. You begin to ask yourself, “Am I beautiful? Am I enough?” I do feel your insecurity when it’s the person you love the most who tells you, “You look so tired, dear.”

Yes, I do feel your insecurity when you go through endless articles telling this and that, revealing lists that makes you feel so small and uncertain. You are surrounded by too many messages from other people…but you sense deep inside you that your own voice has also something to say. Sometimes, you are lured away, and so you set it aside to follow the loudest voice outside.

I do feel the weight in your senses when you wake up to busy days—the repetitive rings of the alarm clock, the honking cars, the chatter of rushing strangers, and the complaints in your head. I do feel the sadness in your ears when you hear negative news and gossip. You are trapped in this sphere of noise. You do recognize the hymns of your spirit inside, but sometimes, it gets dominated by what’s outside.

I tell you, sister, you are never alone.

I feel you. I really do. I have experienced how challenging it is to listen to my inner drumbeat when I am drowning in the sound of others, in the resounding booms of everything else.

Like you, I am also trying to water this beautiful, magical sensual seed inside me. Sometimes it appears as a gut feeling, my powerful intuition. It has guided me in most moments when I had to say yes to life…to being truly alive. It has said no when I’ve been on the brink of saying yes to someone or something that is inauthentic and doesn’t resonate with my innermost being.

Indeed, finding the sacred quiet space to nurture my intuition might be difficult in these times, but I have faith in me. I have faith that when I breathe deeper and I stay in touch with the softest part of my being, I can continuously carry this light. I can dance with my own drumbeat, and through this, I am able to dance with others sincerely. I have faith that my mornings hold so much meaning—that the moment I open my eyes, I allow light, love, harmony, and intensity to pass through and into my body, my senses, and my being. I have faith that when I whisper prayers and intentions and surrender myself to my intuition, I shall find—and be found.

So, to you, the woman who listens to the hums of her intuition amidst the noise around, I feel you. I celebrate you. I celebrate us. I see and sense you in the quietest moments. You are beautiful.



Author: Kristine Buenavista

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Amanda Kennedy for SensualSeed (used with permission)


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Read 3 comments and reply

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