April 25, 2016

10 ways to make Ordinary Moments feel Sacred.


Many of us live fast-paced lives, trying to be productive, multitask and pulled-together, while at the same time we are bombarded with distractions, so many distractions.

And yet we crave a deeper meaning to life, a sense of connection to a greater whole, to bring a sense of spirituality into our day-to-day. But of course it has to be easy, and well, it can’t take a lot of time either, because our schedule is just so full. Is this even possible? Yes. Yes it is!

Here are 10 ways to create sacred moments within everyday life.

1: Enjoy the miracle of waking up each morning.
In the middle of alarm clocks going off and morning routines, take a moment to pause and bring awareness and appreciation to the fact that being on this planet is already a great mystery. The odds of factors coming together to create our life thus far are staggering—yet 100 percent in favor of waking up this morning!

2: Clear tension with a shower or bath.
Yep, that easy. Let the shower water running over you cleanse away any stress and tension you feel. In a bath, with each exhale release tense energy from your body and into the water. Envision that the water flowing down the drain and out into the world is an offering of healing.

3: Observe life’s details as you walk everywhere.
Even if it’s just between our car and office, or a jog for exercise, we can connect to our senses and become more aware. Think of Mother Earth with each step (yes even through pavement), feel the air caress our skin, appreciate the sun, literally burning itself up as it gifts us with life, imagine raindrops as blessings of forgiveness.

4: Watch for meaningful omens.
Set an intention in the morning or before the daily commute to receive a message on a situation at hand, then allow things to catch the eye, like a feather on the sidewalk, or a pair of shoes hanging from a hydro-line while going about our business. After something stands out, we can let our minds wander to associate wisdom from otherwise seemingly ordinary objects. Maybe that feather is incredibly beautiful, soft, and caring, while those hanging shoes were literally out of reach. Does that apply to the challenging situation? Do beauty and comfort feel out of reach? Maybe. When a resonance is felt with the message, spirit has shown its support.

5: Wash dishes, laundry, and tidy the house.
I’m actually going there. Cleaning house can be a spiritual process. Calling on deities related to house and home, harmony, or clearing obstacles, such as the Greek goddess Hestia or the Hindu god Ganesh help bring in greater meaning to these mundane tasks. Simply keep them in mind, hum a melody in their honor, or create a simple shrine dedicated to them as part of the cleaning job. Repetitious tasks like washing dishes have long been known to bring a state of mind that is open to receiving insights and communicating with our unseen helpers. Setting the intention that sweeping out the house from front to back is an excellent metaphor for clearing out the undesirable and unappreciated aspects of life. Suddenly house cleaning becomes active spiritual work!

6: Prepare a meal.
While prepping dinner, it is a lovely practice to consider all the hands that have helped bring the food into our homes, feeling gratitude at each stage and asking that they be blessed. The farmers, the packers, processors, the drivers, the shop keepers, the people who picked it up for consideration, then put it back. Bless all their hearts! Thank the wee mushroom or beautiful cow for giving their life so that we may nourish ours. Ask that our human tribe strive toward more harmonious food curating. And finally, send your love and well wishes right into the food so those who consume it literally take love and well wishes right into their bodies. Now that’s “made with love!”

7: Tap into community energy found in public spaces.
There are some people who are able to fill up with “divine energy” that they draw from Mother Earth, the sun, creator/creatrix or a god and then radiate that energy through their hearts and their smiles to all of the people they pass. I have found that this naturally occurring life force, that acts similar to a radio antenna, amplifies out to all who are willing to receive it. Outwardly, the energy workers doing this are sitting on the bus, or maybe flashing a smile at someone who could use it, when actually the act is a blessing and a healing that is taking place.

8: Listening to the messages in a playlist.
Many popular songs can hold spiritual support, and I’m not thinking of gospel or religious chanting! Listening to songs like U2’s “Mysterious Ways”, Oasis’ “She is love”, Flyleaf’s “All Around Me,” even Eminem’s “Not Afraid” with an ear for a conversation with spirit, can change the entire way we relate to them. Jimmy Cliff’s “You can get it” inspired me to pray with perseverance during a challenging time instead of just tapping along to an encouraging tune.

9: Evening Forgiveness.
Instead of playing Candy Crush or checking Facebook before falling asleep, we could spend a few minutes reviewing the day and forgiving ourselves for situations we could have handled better. Forgiving the guy who cut us off in a line of traffic, or the delivery lady who arrived with cold pizza, brings not just the relief of compassion to our hearts but also clears up any accidental bad mojo sent with the original grouchy thoughts.

10: Invest in prayer.
Prayer doesn’t need a formula, a religion or rules. Prayer may be simple and honest words spoken in reverence to the spirit or spirits of your choice. Silent, whispered, sung, cried, however it comes out. 10 Hail Mary’s or the two heart-felt words, “thank you.” Offer a prayer for anything that stirs the heart—the beautiful sunset, the health of a child, the end of a war, the gift of clean water, forgiveness and wisdom. Offer a prayer in honor of our human tribe.


Author: Juliette Woods

Editor: Jean Weiss

Photo: Susanne Nilson/Flickr

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