April 20, 2016

5 Ingredients for a Powerful Full Moon Detox Bath.

The perfect time to cleanse is when the moon is nice and full.

It is said that at this time of the month due to the increased energetic pull in our atmosphere using methods to release toxins and unwanted things from our body is three times more effective.

The special thing about the full moon is that we can also absorb the most nutrients under her bright, silver glow. Since through our skin is one of the simplest ways to do it, bathing with certain ingredients can be the exact release and renew we need to begin a new moon month feeling refreshed and open to new possibilities.

Once a month we can treat ourselves to this magnificent delight, of releasing the things that we no longer need and welcoming those we do. Here are five ingredients to make the perfect full moon detox bath and realign our bodies to their natural healing frequency:

(Try to make the bath nice and hot as getting a sweat on helps our body further metabolize toxins and open the pores to absorb and replenish.)

1) Epsom Salts: 2 cups

Epsom salts are the perfect initial step to our rejuvenating soak. These special salts support our detox as they are naturally concentrated with the minerals magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium helps our muscles and organs relax and release toxic build up while sulfate stimulates our digestive enzymes making our body primed and greased to process any build up that is left. Our skin will absorb these salts as it warms and relaxes and our full moon detox process begins!

2) Baking Soda: 1 cup

I often add baking soda to my baths, but around the full moon I make sure to use this ingredient. Baking soda does several things: It has a high pH level so it neutralizes the chlorine and other chemicals in our water. It’s pH level also alkalizes our bath and bathing in this state assists us in further absorption of minerals and waste elimination. A bonus is that it has a softening effect on the skin, so that post soak we will notice how silky smooth we feel to touch.

3) Himalayan Sea Salts: ½ cup

Beautifully coloured rose pink, these salts make me think immediately of relaxation. Their hue is a good indicator of their intrinsic quality to heal us. When broken down, it has been discovered that Himalayan salts have more then 80 nutrients to replenish our skin and bodies. Salt is one of our essential nutrients and so this one helps to stimulate our muscles and also restore homeostasis from the inside out. The electrical vibration of these salts assist in further waste disposal too.

4) Essential Oils: 3-10 drops

Our full moon bath is most effective when it is a holistic experience. By adding our favorite essential oil we increase the soothing properties and our body is more able to reach its revitalization potential. I like to add lavender, as this oil is helpful in relaxing the nervous system and has the power to calm skin irritations. When our nervous system is soothed is the time when we best process and rebuild.

5) Candles

Each full moon I like to have ceremony around my baths, not just because I am letting go, symbolically and practically, of what no longer serves me but because it makes me feel spoiled, like I am the creator of my own perfect spa. By adding candles to the bathroom my serenity meter increases tenfold and I instantly feel myself sinking deeper into me. (Try beeswax candles for an added sense spoiling, the smell they give off is divine.)

When possible, enjoy taking things gentle at this time of the month and be aware that as our body releases so too do our emotions. Allow for some quiet time to reflect after this bath—journal writing or meditation can be helpful to allow space for our mind, body and spirit to re-adjust to a healing state.

May we learn to harness the powers of nature that are here to support us by working symbiotically with their potent energies, at just the right time. The first few days after the full moon are also effective times to use this detox bath.

As we each create more of what supports us and less of what impedes, we allow ourselves to align readily to our highest good.





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