April 8, 2016

A Badass, Truth-Soaked Manifesto to Help us Live Like we Really Mean It.


We all have those moments where life slaps us in the face, knocks the wind out of us and wakes us the hell up.

We realize we have to change the way we’re living—our relationship with life itself turned sour, toxic and we cannot wait a second longer to heal the frayed edges, turn the tattered yellowed pages and write a crisp, brand new story.

This is my manifesto. This is my break-up with the past. This is my badass, truth-soaked fresh start, my new page, scribbled in a furious cloud of hope and wistful freedom.

I wrote it with tears and sweat and deep smiles and I hope it just might resonate with the delicious longings in your heart too. Let us rise up together. Let us step into the beautiful lives we truly deserve. Let us kiss the sky and live vividly, boldly, soulfully. Let us live like we really f*cking mean it.

I hereby undeclare the war on myself.

I am done picking fights with my heart, raging epic battles with my soul and telling my intuition to shut the hell up.

I am done denying who I really am.

I’m done muting my roarin’ goddess voice down to a hoarse, pathetic whisper. I’m done erasing my vibrant, neon colors and appearing to the world in scrambled frames of black and white. I’m done pretending I have no power, that I’m a helpless victim of circumstance, that I don’t know how to rise like the bravest phoenix.

That crap ain’t gonna fly anymore.

‘Cause I can move mountains and I know it. Why deny it anymore?

It’s time to live in juicy technicolor, with moonbeams woven in my hair, truth dripping from my mouth like mango juice and love oozing from my heart like a river of rubies that follows me everywhere—a raw silk scarf, a constant companion.

Gone are the days where it feels okay to recklessly abandon myself. Finished are the moments where it seems brilliant to destroy myself. Done are the years where I pleased everyone but myself.

I hereby undeclare the war on my own heart.

At ease, my heart, at ease!

I need to breathe. Deeply. Softly. I need to remember the exquisiteness of my fiercely feathered soul.

‘Cause I am done thinking people are doing me an epic favor when they like me. I am done apologizing for every step I take, every word I utter, every breath I take.

I am done leaning on lame piles of flimsy excuses and selling myself so terribly short.

I hereby declare a confetti-lace peace treaty to celebrate my awesomeness, my one-of-a-kind messy beauty, my huge imperfect heart, my thirsty mermaid soul.

I declare love.

I declare freedom, truth and blossoming beauty so big it could swallow the cobalt blue sky.

I declare to never, ever forget the gem-like luster of my worth.

I declare adventures that taste muddy and raw, like just-melted snow in the Spring.

From here on out, I will live like I mean it. I will live from the quivering depths of my soul.

I will reach out and taste each day on my tongue, picking moments like ripe cherries, coming alive with the honeyed sunrise, saying yes to even the faintest whispers of truth—the sweet breezes of spirit that keep me alive.

I will slow down and smell the roses and honeysuckle and crisp, musky evergreens.

I will stand tall and say the sh*t I need to say.

I will move through tears and tough times with the gentlest grace.

I will speak to myself kindly.

I will love fiercely.

I hereby grant myself the most awesome life possible.

I grant dancing under moonlight and sprinting through grassy mountain meadows and writing poems with stars as pens and kissing the cool night air as it tickles my skin, covering me in a blanket of goosebumps.

I will take each day like a lover, suck truth from moments with a straw of a stardust, and make out passionately with the passing seconds as they stream through my fingertips, like sand.

I will color in each morning like a blank canvas with the raw crayon drippings of my soul.

Gone are the times where it felt okay not to honor myself. Finished is the mistaken thought that self-confidence is arrogance. Done are the days where it made sense to destroy myself.

I’m in the driver’s seat now—and I’m headed to love. I’m barreling towards truth. I’m running towards myself. I’m rushing towards soul.

There are no excuses left, there is no obstacle in my way, there is no one left to blame.

Loving myself is the only option. Going forward is the only path to take.

Hello world, meet my flames

Meet my gushing viscous wildness

Meet my goddamn confidence

Meet the ballsy twinkle in my eyes

Meet the tornado of empowered truth funneling like lightning bolts through my fingertips as I run free through fields of frost-tipped forsythia, gathering inspiration by the overflowing handful.

Goodbye numb shadows. Goodbye torturous half-life. Goodbye shame.

It’s time to say goodbye to bullsh*t and hello to love.

I hereby undeclare the war on myself.

I am done fighting.

Because it’s time to fly. It’s time to believe.

My wings are aching, the sky shouts my name,

The past closes, a dusty chapter behind me

I shake and cry but it’s time

It’s time to say goodbye to bullsh*t

And say hello

To love.

I hereby undeclare the war on the myself.


Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Sarah Kolkka

Photo: Pixabay 


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