April 18, 2016

Fly, Warrior Wings, Fly. {Poem}

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With warrior wings—she leaps.

She soars into the unknown
nothing but faith to support her wings
nothing but the perception of groundlessness to ease her fear of falling.

She leaps—she launches off the edge
instead of falling downwards, she rises up
the powerful force of faith keeping her afloat.

She flies, she soars
maintaining momentum with a sense of liberty, ease and ecstasy
darting through any clouds into the beautiful big blue.

She flies, she floats
fear of the unknown as transient and transparent as the vapour in the sky,
with mindful awareness letting any thoughts and feelings go gently, returning to the here and now.

She flutters, she hovers
so confident in flight, she lowers toward Mother Earth,
smiling at the mountains a beaming heart full of gratitude and peace
fluttering through the valleys amongst the butterflies and wild flowers.

She flutters, she lands
warrior-like peace and fearlessness encompasses her being,
like simultaneously soaking up and emitting a ray of sunshine
with a sense of knowing it is time to land—
a sense of knowing if she need ever leap, she knows how to fly.

Warrior Woman.


Author: Tania Guidolin

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Author’s own.

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