April 1, 2016

Trump Scandal; Hillary Clinton announces Surprise Running Mate. {April Fools’ edition}

Bernie and Hillary

“Collaboration is the new competition.” ~ Hillary Clinton

Breaking: Seemingly controversy proof, Trump’s latest scandal may actually help him. He’s survived accusations of bribes, breaking law, calling Mexicans rapists…Will Trump Affair help him garner GLBTQ vote in November?

Trump scandal results in increased #untrump hat sales.

make america kind again

There has been an historical turn of events in the race for the Democratic presidential candidate.

Hillary Clinton announced today that she has chosen Bernie Sanders to run as her prospective Vice President.


Just yesterday Clinton and Sanders were fierce rivals. And today, cohorts.

What can we attribute to this sudden change of heart?

“I was listening to A Day In the Life by the Beatles. It made me reflect on the negative influence that Trump is having on everyday citizens. I realized the only way to defend the American people from this tyrant is to join forces with Bernie Sanders.” ~ Hillary Clinton

When Hillary Clinton asked Bernie Sanders to join her in the race to the Oval Office, he agreed without a second thought.

With Clinton teaming up with Sanders as political allies, they are sure to be an unstoppable force.

When asked if Bernie would rather run as President and Clinton as Vice President, he simply smiled and said, “I was raised to have good manners and have always put the ladies first.”

He went on to say:

“I feel proud to be part of what is sure to be the winning team.”

~ Bernie Sanders

What a boon! Democrats will be divided between these two great candidates no more.


Clinton/Sanders 2016!

Happy April Fools’s Day. 

Author: Ashleigh Hitchcock

photo: ytimg, flickr/Veni

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