April 30, 2016

Less Human, More Being. {Poem}

Jonathan Sherlock, author

I loved her for her simple happiness and joy

Because no matter what bullshit was going on in her life,

She knew,


All she needed was to sit by the sea, basking in the sun

Letting the tide flow in and tickle her toes,

While it picked up her cares and carried them out to sea.


I loved her for her passion for existence

Because I could lie on my back in the sand of our own private beach,

By her side,

The soft caress of her perfect skin slightly grazing the back of my hand,

As we gazed upward into the wild, star speckled mass of the heavens,

Intertwined in our collective reverence for the heavenly bodies that birthed us.


I loved her for her appreciation for beauty

Because we could sit perched atop a mountain,

No words,

No sound, save for the subtle whisper of the wind,

That I watched play with her hair,

As we stared at the stunning vista that encircled us.


I loved her because she knew herself

Because she loved and accepted that self,

Flaws and all.

It mattered not whether anyone understood her,

For she was not living to be understood by anyone but herself.


I loved her for her courageous openness

Because she met me for the first time,

Standing on a dock in the rain,

And she followed me into the adventurous unknown,

Of an off-grid, uninhabited island,

Ready to bask in all its beauty.


I loved her because she was wild and untamed

A gorgeous gypsy of the sea that did not ask permission

To live vibrantly,

To follow her heart,

To chase the sun.

In short, I loved her because she was furiously alive.


But we tried to squeeze our wild love into a box

That did not suit either one of us.

It went against our nature,

And I found myself not honoring my true heart,

And what I knew was best for it

In an attempt to be what I thought she wanted.

I stopped living from my heart,

And got caught up living from my head,

That cluster-fuck of thoughts and ideas, words and plans.

Instead of the life and love that spills from my heart.


As the currents of life carry us in differing directions,

I will treasure the love that we shared,

The moments of pure bliss, immersed in nature,

With a caramel coated island queen,

Who taught me to be less human,

And more being.





She Wants More than Love. {Poem}



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