April 18, 2016

Let her Know you’re Interested—Over Time.


Even if we’re head over heels, madly infatuated with someone, we should avoid revealing the true nature of our feelings to them up front.

From a man’s standpoint, stoicism will lend us greater strength and a better chance at meeting. Then we can get to know someone over time, if we simply suppress the inevitable emotional tidal waves of energy that are bound to surface.

I liken this to self-control.

Beyond how to meet a woman, the reality is that we simply have to be open—to them and ourselves. Are we in touch with who we are; are we in touch with ourselves; are we emotionally intelligent? It’s that simple.

Learn to receive—we must stop chasing after what we want right away and instead, allow time to work on our behalf.

I feel like in this day in age, spending the quality time getting to know someone first, potentially saves us a lot of grief down the road.

Patience is a virtue.

We must learn to trust our own instincts while paying attention to the side-effects of love lust.

I believe that women will let us know if they’re interested in one way or another, even if it’s only fleeting. Paradoxically, if they offer us no clues whatsoever, they might still be interested—or not. Sorry I can’t help you out any further on that subject.

For any guy who requires intellectual and spiritual connection with a woman—be that.

Wade beyond the shallow pools and instead, dive into the deeper waters to discover that mysterious mermaid who’s eluded us for so long. Tune into the song that a woman is singing to our sensual, spiritual nature—the one who wishes to unlock the library of our intellect.

It seems that women are dying to meet more men.

But a gentleman must learn to transcend his physical desires and short-sightedness before deserving to be in the midst of a real woman. As the expression goes, “keep it in your pants.” We have to learn to stop chasing after all of that superficial beauty—this outdated message that women should look one way or act another. From a male’s perspective, yes we’re quite enamored by physical beauty but that beauty is fleeting and will always remain skin deep compared to the complex and beautiful soul that dwells within.

Women seem to appreciate men who are focused and they seem to love men who are passionate about something. But, above all, women lust over the man who is authentic in nature and who is comfortable in his own skin.

Women long for a genuine man—not to throw themselves at but to open themselves up to.

This man loves himself and easily loves others without expectation.

A lot of women need our love but they also need space to unfurl a man’s love and attention (or lack thereof). Women need a man who can be their sail, not their anchor. It’s important to learn how to empathize with a woman without forgetting that we’re only holding space for them to express themselves naturally—we need not get caught up in the turbulence of their storm; they need not be swept up in ours either.

It takes genuine time and effort to acquaint ourselves with others, especially the opposite sex when it comes to developing friendships or exploring the potential for something more. Being genuine or authentic can be challenging because we’re conditioned to be accepted for only certain aspects of ourselves but not for who we truly are.

It terrifies me to imagine showing up as my authentic self but it’s the only way I’m choosing to live, knowing that an amazing woman is out there.

It’s incredibly hard to open ourselves up to others and this is where we should be making exceptions. If we’re clear about our intentions and our direction in life, an emotionally intelligent woman will respond to that. It’s about learning to meet someone where they’re at while coming from a place of authenticity.

Vulnerability is our shield and empathy is the way we can effectively communicate with a woman.

Do we view this woman as a peer and are we intellectually stimulated by her?

I’m learning to look beyond my own male biology (sexual desires) and focus on what makes a woman herself—looking beyond her superficial nature to see if something more exists.

It’s all a matter of perspective and which light we choose to view a woman in—with respect, admiration and integrity.


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Author: Thayne Ulschmid

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr/o5com


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