April 6, 2016

Make a Life List. It’s not a Vision Board. Here’s a photo of Mine.

Relephant bonus, a rich life story:

Make a Life List.

List your life’s accomplishments, ups and downs. Failures, challenges, moves. Or, keep it simple, and just sketch out five or so points.

Then, draw a line.


That line is now. The present moment. Today. This year.

Write where you’re at, good and bad, happy and sad.

Then, list your life goals. Doesn’t matter how big. Go for it. That said—and this is an important caveat—these goals are not wishful thinking. You have to mean them, intend to accomplish them. It’s okay if you don’t—but only you have to give it your all. Not 99%. 108%.


Actually write the whole thing on your wall, somewhere. The inside of a closet, behind the clothes. I wrote mine behind my refrigerator. Write it somewhere you won’t see it…for a long time. Write it somewhere you won’t see it more than once a year or once every five years, like mine. You want perspective. You want it to feel like a time capsule, not a todo list.

Next, the time capsule will attain a glow that can only be sourced from ordinary magic.

Work hard at something kind. Laugh easily. Love. Fail. Learn. Ask questions. Be quiet, and listen. Speak up, and be brave. Travel. Don’t use plastic bottles. Live responsibly. Love again.

A few years later, slide that fridge forward. Push back all the clothes in your closet. It’s best if you forgot it was there entirely.

Review it. You’re looking at your life, as if from the other side. As if you could witness, and enjoy, your own funeral. Only, you’re alive.

Live your life, fully—and guide yourself, like a sailor, adjusting the sail to the wind.

Do it now. Do it tonight. Do it today. Do it.

Good luck, sweetheart!

PS: 10 years on, or 9, or 11: destroy it. Start another. You can take a photo, first. Your life is a sand mandala. None of this is overly serious: things change, for the better, and worse. Make your life one that nurtures what is worthwhile, and lets go of that which no longer serves.

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