April 6, 2016

Phoenix. {Poem}


I am Death, I am Life,
I am the Phoenix burning bright

From the ashes thought dead and gone,
I fly up from and sing my song…

Death to beliefs of limitations, frustrations,
and the sins of self hate
weighing me down in this state.

So light the fire and let it burn within
till I am encased in flames,
for the purification to begin

Such peace I feel… as the fire burns and peels
what is no longer me
leaving me in this moment free…

To rise and claim my rights
as I the Phoenix take flight

For I am Death, I am Life,
I am the Phoenix burning bright.


Author: Mandy Owens

Editor: Katarina Tavčar

Photo: Nyarlotep/Deviantart

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Mandy Owens

Mandy Ownes is a spiritualist and an intuitive healer who uses different modalities such as Reiki, Akashic Record reading, and EFT to help aid others on their journey. She has come to realize, after going through her life experiences, that sharing our lives from our hearts is another way of helping ourselves and others heal. She has been writing poetry since the age of 12 as a form of healing. Mandy is a mom to an amazing son who is the reason she got into the healing world and is blessed to have so many friends and teachers in her life.