April 16, 2016

We are a Fire Hazard.

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We are a fire hazard.

We are powerful flames in our own right, our ambitions and drive spreading like wildfire. Our passions and dreams engulf every barrier that stands in their way.

I am a slow burning fire; my blazing heart can and will do damage over time, but my fire may be weakened by those who throw water on my hopes and dreams in sad attempts to kill my blaze. But together, we are a damn forest fire. Powerful and strong. Uncontrollable. The kind that won’t sizzle to an end until there is nothing left to conquer.

We are a fire hazard, my dear. There’s no denying that our love is combustible, because just as you, my love, I am fire, too.

Until you, I have always searched for water, because I naively thought I needed a safe option for the fire that lives within me. I thought a tame counterpart could fulfill me, complete me by giving me things that I thought I did not already possess within myself.

I learned that I hold every damn thing I need within myself. I don’t need a counterpart to control me.

I don’t need a love to try and calm the fiery blaze that lives within my soul—maybe never completely putting me out, but containing me by slowing my flames and stopping my dreams from ravaging every path they reach—keeping me subservient.

I don’t need water to kill my soul fire or attempt to tame me.

I am no longer searching for my yin-yang counterpart to complete me, because I know now that I am already complete in my fiery entirety, born to engulf everything surrounding me. Unpredictable, dangerous even, passionate and driven—I can’t help it, I was born to be a fire.

Then there’s you, and I quickly learned that you are fire, too.

We aren’t the cute “opposites attract” combination of fire and ice; we are something much more powerful than that. A duo with the ability to do much bigger and more sinister things. We are the unstoppable combination of dual flames.

We never counter each other’s growth, as we both burn with an intensity of our own. We will grow alone, together we’re an inferno.

My dear, we don’t need someone to balance us or dilute our beautifully fiery hearts. You and I, we are souls to be reckoned with—not the kind to be tamed. We need someone just as fiery as ourselves to run wild with, the kind of sidekick we could take over the world with. Mixing my fire with yours has the potential to set the world ablaze.

My fellow fiery hearted warriors, don’t aimlessly search for someone to tame you because that is what you believe you need.

You need a love that forces you to grow and throws gasoline on the fire already burning in your soul, setting your dreams running through the blazing fires and letting them be free.

Never search for someone to tame you; search for the love that is drawn to your fire. This lover can handle the heat, because they have a heat of their own.

“What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with.”
~ Robert Brault

On our own, we are each forces to be reckoned with. But together, we are thrown into a sea of flames, and we are unstoppable.


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Author: Emily Cutshaw

Editor: Toby Israel

Image: Pexels


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