April 4, 2016

What you see at First Glance is a Handstand. But Look Deeper & you’ll See:

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What you see at first glance is a handstand. But look deeper and this is what you’ll really see:

The hands of every teacher who has assisted me.

The hope of everyone who has ever believed in me.

Thousands of falls and botched attempts.

10,000 hours of practice, maybe more.

Blood, sweat & tears… So many tears… Nearly 20 years of practice.

Frustration, impatience and doubt that slowly transformed into peace, love and acceptance.

The defiant faith that said, “I think I can,” when people told me my legs are too thick, my arms too wobbly and my body too small to do a handstand.

Guruji’s voice saying, “Kino, you have to be stronger.”

Yoga is a largely unseen, solitary journey to the center of yourself. It’s not about the handstand, not about the goal, it’s about who you become as you take one step further down the eternal road of the soul.



The Goal of Yoga (No, it’s not the Handstand).

Mindful Offering:

Yoga Wheel: for opening up your back, hips, chest, & shoulders.


Author: Kino MacGregor

Editor: Katarina Tavčar

Photo: Author’s own

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