April 27, 2016

When you’re Done Running Away from Love—Run to Me.

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If you’re in love, yet still running away—from what’s inherently yours to accept and embrace—please dig deep to determine how splendid an imperfect union could truly be.

If it’s because you’re scared of something truly great happening to you, run to me.

I know in the past, just like me, you ran away from love—from something that could have been great. Fate plays with our hearts and minds in ways we may not fully understand until that person finally arrives in our life.

Suddenly everything that led us here, after all of those confusing years of heartbreak and loneliness, finally makes sense. Infinite love has been shaping our destinies for eons—stardust bodies originating from a brilliant cascade of shimmering light, harmonics and energy erupting from the epicenter of an exquisite Supernova.

If it’s because you still need convincing that you deserve true love, run to me.

I’m afraid to show you my shadow but I know we’ll both embrace each other completely. Many times I have chosen to remain obscured in the shadow of my own light where I thought I might elude you—fearing that you’d reject my flawed nature. This canvas will remain unfinished so long as our spirits linger between shape and fantasy—a brush loaded with crimson oil paint suspended in space and time between thought, inspiration and act.

Our bodies will remain alone, untouched and unfulfilled—the only arousal we’ll enjoy is that of our own making.

The taste of lust will make us salivate and our urges will persist—even our own self-love will seem pale in comparison to that sensual touch and erotic fantasy we’ve continually dreamt of for so long.

Too many questions and only time to answer them.

The sooner we’re done writing our love stories, the sooner we can live them—every word and sentence spilled onto the floor and put back together as one messy romance novel.

When you are done writing yours—your heart’s desires, run to me.

Please show me your imperfections and encourage me to show you mine.

Walk with me at midnight amidst a cool summer rain—sharing that indistinguishable smell of ozone and silent revelry.

Pour yourself unto me—infiltrate my soul and speak to my spirit. Touch my heart with your delicate yet infuriating love—make love to me with your mysterious and magical mind. Let me guard your secrets and desires—shielded by the magnificence of our bond. Love me when I cannot love myself while tears stream down my flushed cheeks and I sob uncontrollably.

I will hold you everlasting—so long as you wish to be held, if you’ll just run to me.

Now is the moment to surrender our resistance and breathe a sigh of relief.

The universe has aligned—electricity and magnetism attracting vast concentric waves of pure light energy. A window of opportunity to gravitate to or away from serendipity—will you dance your way to me? We can either tip-toe back to where we’ve retreated so often before or leap into one another’s arms with open wounds and humility in our hearts.

My heart seeks you out each night while I rest—exploring the cosmos for your soul’s song. My dreams reveal stories of our union in the timeless realm where our unconscious converges with all of creation—speaking its parable for us to decipher.

Shatter the illusions of my mind and challenge me to my core—break me so I might be rebuilt as a man.

Forge my spirit, temper my soul and anneal my heart with your love.

Hold my hand so I may help liberate you from the invisible fears that have found a home in the darkest caverns of your soul.

Breathe life back into me and I will breathe new life into you.

Give into me, rest in the bosom of my unwavering love, restore your senses and bloom with all of your intensity in the still light of day.

When there is no place else to hide and you’re tired of barricading the gateway of love you’ve secretly wished for so long to finally open, when you’re tired and weak, ready to be caught, held and lifted up, run to me.


Author: Thayne Ulschmid

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Image: Benjamin Balázs/Flickr

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Read 4 comments and reply

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