April 18, 2016

You Know what’s Brilliant? 

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2015 was the year that everything came to a head in my life.

Changes had been “stirring” for years but hadn’t actually come to fruition.

The passing of both of my parents, my son leaving for college, two debilitating chronic illnesses, a major surgical intervention and an unexpected job elimination pretty much required that I make good on the changes I had been mulling over in my thoughts for the past few years.

As 2015 came to a close and I prepared to launch my new business, “Brilliant Transformations,” I spent some time thinking over how my life changed from being miserably depressed to brilliantly joyful, and decided to document all the ways I overcame the bullsh*t in my life to make it through to my Brilliant Transformation.

Here is a list of things I overcame on my way to my Brilliant Transformation, and a few things to keep in mind about what true brilliance is.

When your boss says, “You’re not brilliant,” you become even more brilliant instead of letting his careless words crush you.

Brilliant is continuing to live when you want to die.

Brilliant is pushing through all the negativity you’re surrounded by and finding a nugget of hope to hold onto.

Brilliant is giving inspiration to others when you don’t have it for yourself.

Brilliant is making it through the days and nights you thought would never end.

Brilliant is continuing to work when you’ve had unrelenting insomnia for nine months and can barely function—yet you continue to receive high praise and exemplary reviews at your job.

Brilliant is saying “F*ck this sh*t,” and finally deciding to take care of yourself instead of other people and employers who don’t give two sh*ts about you.

Brilliant is putting your needs above everything else and taking care of your own health and happiness first.

Brilliant is understanding that you and only you can make yourself happy. You’ll never find happiness in a man, a woman, a job, a place, a child, money or a possession.

Brilliant is not being attached to outcomes and understanding that everything that happens (even those things that seem ugly and uncomfortable like a job elimination) happens for a reason, and ultimately for your benefit.

Brilliant is knowing in your heart that all is well, even if it looks like sh*t. You will be okay. If you’re not okay, it’s not over yet.

Brilliant is knowing that even when things don’t have a happy ending, there’s always something to be learned from every situation we encounter—even the ugly ones.

Brilliant is being a friend to those who aren’t always friendly to you.

Brilliant is caring—even when it hurts.

Brilliant is taking care of your family first.

Brilliant is allowing your adult children to make their own choices and suffer the natural consequences. Enabling doesn’t help anyone grow.

Brilliant is making sure that your children know you love them always, and in all ways.

Brilliant is knowing that God loves you so much he sent his only son. There is nothing you could do that would make him love you less and nothing you could do to make him love you more.

Brilliant is a transformation that brings you back to the life you were always meant to lead.

Brilliant is being yourself, speaking your truth and not caring what anyone else thinks. Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

Brilliant is spreading kindness wherever you go—even to those who are unkind to you.

Brilliant is knowing that self-worth is your most valuable currency and refusing to discount it for anyone—especially yourself.

Brilliant is standing in your power and using it to advance the good in this world and help everyone in the best way you know how.

Brilliant is forgiveness for those who have harmed you and compassionate love because they don’t understand your journey.

Brilliant is extraordinary support for those who believed in you and lifted you up in your times of need.

Brilliant is walking away from those who want to keep you in a box of the way you used to be.

Brilliant is starting your journey as a transformed being, and loving the possibilities ahead.



Author: Melissa Drake

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Unsplash


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